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Do a Little Dance

Today the hubs and I cursed/celebrated our 3-year anniversary of home-ownership.

I was hoping to show you all the completed kitchen, but since we still haven’t quite finished the backsplash (oh, the shame), I’ll have to show you what I attempted to cook tonight.

Grouting Backsplash

I’m not a terrible cook, but I’m not necessarily a good one, either.  Let’s put it this way – I know how to follow directions.  If they’re simple and… easy to follow.  (Ha.)  I’m not really a “pinch-of-this, dash-of-that” type of person, but more of a “put-the-measuring-cup-on-the-counter-and-bend-down-to-eye-level-to-make-sure-I’m-getting-just-the-right-amount” type person.

But I enjoy it.  I enjoy the reading, measuring, chopping, wine-drinking, dancing around the kitchen in my socks… you know, the typical things that go along with cooking.

So tonight I made something a little outside the repertoire I would normally attempt.  For one thing, it’s very… cutesy.  For another, it involves tubes of crescent rolls.  And if you’ve read the “Who the heck is Kate?” blurb in the right column of this page, you’ll know how I feel about those.  But since my friend (and co-worker) highly suggested I try these, I thought I’d give them a whirl.  They looked just special enough to commemorate 3 years of home-owning torture bliss.

The recipe comes from here, but I changed it a bit according to my friend Stacy’s instructions.  It turned out delicious!

Spinach Salmon Bundles

(too cute, right?)

To make it like I did, you will need:

Now let’s get messy.

1.  Mix up your McCormick’s marinade according to the simple instructions on the back of the pouch (a little oil, water, and vinegar).

Spinach Salmon Bundles - McCormicks Marinade

2.  Put the marinade and your frozen fillets in a sealed plastic bag and set the entire bag in some cool water (to quickly let it thaw) for ~30 minutes.  (If you’re using fresh fillets, you can let them marinade in the fridge.)

Spinach Salmon Bundles - Marinade Salmon

3.  While your salmon is marinading, preheat your oven to 400-degrees.  Unroll your crescent roll dough (after you pop open that horrendous package and jump out of your panties in sheer fright).

Salmon Crescent Bundles - Crescent Rolls

4.  The dough will naturally part into 4 smaller rectangles.  Lay 3 of the rectangles on a non-stick jelly roll pan and set the 4th aside.  Pinch together the diagonal seams in your 3 rectangles of dough.

Spinach Salmon Bundles - Crescent Roll Dough

5.  When the salmon is thawed and thoroughly marinaded, place your fillets on top of your crescent rectangles.

Spinach Salmon Bundles

6.  Unwrap your cheese wedges, smash ’em up with your fingers, and spread them on top of your salmon fillets.

Spinach Salmon Bundles - Laughing Cow Cheese
Spinach Salmon Bundles

7.  Coarsely chop up some spinach and put it on top of the cheese.

Spinach Salmon Bundles - Chopped Spinach
Spinach Salmon Bundles

8.  Fold the crescent dough up around your bundles as best as you can.  Use the extra dough you set aside to “patch” any holes if necessary (trust me, I needed it).  They don’t look all that pretty at this point, but that’s nothing a little baking won’t fix.

Spinach Salmon Bundles

9.  Pop ’em in the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes.  That’s what the instructions say, BUT turns out I needed less than 20 minutes. Much less.  I set the timer for 20 minutes and went out to water the garden.  I came back inside (with 4 minutes to spare), and the kitchen had the distinctive smell of burning.  Not good.  Not to worry, though – I took them out of the oven, and although they were a little dark, they were still edible (and quite tasty!!).

Spinach Salmon Bundles

10.  Cut those puppies open and admire the pretty layers.

Spinach Salmon Bundles

11.  Choose your respective drinks and toast to 3 years.  Three years of a mortgage.  Three years of home upgrades and repairs.  Three years of not being able to call a landlord when something goes wrong.  But also, three years of creativity, freedom, and fun.

3 Year Toast

And try to ignore the blue tape sticking out from under your backsplash.

It will all work out.



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Yumm… That made me so hungry

David Berman

1. Your blog is awesome.
2. Sunset Wheat is awesome and it tastes just like Fruity Pebbles.

Penny at A Page Is Turned

Pretty good for someone who didn’t know how to boil potatoes when I asked for help not too many years ago! I remember your little sister having to show you how to cut them up so you wouldn’t put a whole potato in boiling water.

Lisa Fulton

Can’t wait to try the recipe! In my “bodybuilding” endeavors, I’ve been trying to make (what they call) clean eating tasty! It’s been a challenge, but fun! I love the way you write too…I can hear you speaking!

Miss you girl!

Stacy Logan

I think you’ve found yet another calling – RECIPE WRITING!!! Just lovely :-)


Thanks for the comments, everyone! Dave – apparently beer that tastes like cereal is a good thing to you and the hubs. To me, not so much. ;) Lisa, if you take the crescent rolls out of this recipe, it’d be much healthier. Of course, you gotta splurge every-now-and-then, right? And you look amazing, by the way! Ma, remember the time I “burned” mac and cheese? Even the potatoes were an improvement from that…


I am soooo impressed!!! :)


Thanks!! :)


I’m so making these tomorrow night…thanks for referencing back to this in your recent post!


No prob! Let me know how they turn out. :)

Casey @ A Cruising Couple

OMG delicious. With or without crescent rolls, sounds great :-) Unfortunately I can’t get fresh spinach in Taiwan, (or frozen for that matter) but I’m remembering this recipe for one day!


Oh, boo-hoo. Poor thing in Taiwan. ;) (Kidding, of course!) Can you get any type of mild greens there? Most greens would probably work, as long as they’re not too bitter. Of course, it would probably be delicious without them, too! The good news is, even if you can’t make these (yet), I bet you’re eating some incredible food there!

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