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Big Stuff Around the House

How To Paint Wood Paneling

Degloss, prime, paint, and drink heavily.

How To Build A Large-Scale Frame

DIY frame for a huge piece of wall art.

How To Paint Grody Tile Grout.

Elbow grease optional.

How To Tile A Backsplash For Less Than $200

Faux travertine -- deal of the century!

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets.

Or at least, how I painted mine.

How to Make A Pendant Light.

WAY cheaper than store-bought copper pendants.

How To Design A Kitchen Layout Like A Pro.

Or like a professional amateur.

Another Way To Make An Industrial Closet Organizer.

Amazing reader submission -- made out of plumbing pipes again!

How To Prep Hardwoods For Refinishing.

It requires a sharp knife, flathead screwdriver, needle nose pliers, and beer. Lots of beer.

How To Re-Finish A Bathtub.

For just around $50.

DIY Chalk Painted Dresser.

Take a gander. But don't expect instructions. That would require me getting my act together and writing them out.

Painting A Hand-Built Desk.

This post is really just to show off more than anything else.

How To Paint A Room.

Alcohol required.

How to Trim a Door Frame.

Or at least how we did it.

How to Hang A Gallery Wall.

I don't actually have this anymore. But here's how to do it anyway.

How We Chose Our Granite Color.

The biggest rock I ever bought.

How To Transform A Vanity On A Budget.

Gray, Moody Vanity for a Gray, Moody Day.

How To Remove A Popcorn Ceiling Finish.

...And make a big, big mess.

How To Tile A Backsplash: Part 1.

Figure out a plan of attack.

How to Tile A Backsplash: Part 3.

All of the finishing touches.

The Mess Before Our DIY Laminate Flooring Install.

It only took like... 172x longer than we thought it would.

Our DIY Laminate Floors.

My advice? Hire a professional.

Alaina's Kitchen: DEMO Time!

How we demolished an entire kitchen in a single afternoon.

Alaina's Kitchen: Progress Check.

No one ever said demolitions were pretty.

Alaina's Kitchen: Tearing Down Walls.

How to open up a room.

DuraCeramic: Not Quite Tile. Not Quite Linoleum.

Could be the perfect kitchen flooring solution!

Alaina's Kitchen: How to Shop for Granite Counters.

It's a tad more complicated than you would think.

Alaina's Kitchen Before-and-Afters.

It's kind of a stunner.

All About the Organization

Weekly Menu Planner & Shopping List.

I'm like the queen Martha Stewart of the underachievers. Which isn't great, but I'll take it.

Organizing the Shed.

I'm pretty sure my husband's a hoarder.

Cleaning, Painting, & Organizing the Hall Closet.

Probably one of my more impressive before-and-afters. Yikes.

How to Install A Cork Board In A Cabinet.

Just getting all that crap off the counters...

How To Organize Your Knives.

Organized drawer storage turns me on.

Kitchen Planning: The More Drawers, The Better!

Spice drawers, pots & pans drawers, dishware drawers... it never ends.

The Great Outdoors

How to Make Your Landscaping Look More Complete.

Quick project to make your landscaping look more finished.

How To Spruce Up Your Mailbox.

A real life-changer.

Adding Some Architectural Support to a Garden.

Sometimes we just need a little help.

How To Plant A Raised-Bed Potager Garden.

With veggies and flowers and herbs and such.

Crafty Stuff

Not Your Average Holiday Greeting Card.

Greeting cards. Just my way of expressing how much better I am than you.

DIY Cutout Map Art.

Tedious. But also kind of awesome.

Erin's DIY Halloween Costume.

Party time. Excellent.

Frame Upgrade.

It's not Jerry-rigged at all. I swear.

Garage Sale Bargain Transformation.

Now that I think about it, I actually didn't really mind the gold.

DIY Photo Thank-You Card.

Why just buy something when I can create more work and make it myself?

DIY Wedding Program & CD Favors.

I was way too involved.

How To Design A Kitchen Layout Like A Pro.

Or like a professional amateur.

General Tips & Tricks

Crafty Ideas I've Pinned.

Because I'm totally going to do all of these one day. Right? Right?

Organizing My Ideas With Pinterest.

How I keep my head straight.

HGTV Lies!

Painting is NOT all it's cracked up to be.

How To Choose Your Kitchen Appliances.

It's more complicated than it sounds.

How To Plan A Functional Kitchen Layout.

I'm dreaming of a not white kitchen.

How We Chose Our Kitchen Flooring.

Did we make a mistake?


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