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Happy Due Date To Me.

Three months ago I would’ve told you with the naive confidence of someone who knows absolutely nothing that I was expecting to deliver this kid a few weeks ahead of my prospective due date, which happens to be today, and that by now I’d be adjusting to motherhood while contentedly sipping a summer mojito next to a quietly sleeping infant and a value pack of alcohol test strips for breast milk. Read the rest of this gem…

Oh. I Think I Just Realized Why My Back Hurts Today.

Yesterday, before 8:00 a.m., I closed all 800 open tabs in my internet browser, shut down the ol’ desktop for the first time in months and set it on the floor, and then said a little pseudo-prayer before heaving my hunk of a desk up onto my thighs and wiggle-walking my way through one narrow doorway, down the hallway, through another narrow doorway, and then collapsing into my sunroom. Read the rest of this gem…