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And Then Ashton Kutcher Sent Me A Present.

“Katie, you’re not going to like this, but I’m just going to say it.” I looked at him wearily, the way anyone would look at someone who is about to ruin your day. Especially when that person is technically your employer, and even more especially when you’re living in a foreign country. Read the rest of this gem…


The city appeared newer than I’d expected.

Sodden and gray in its refusal to quit winter, I thought most of Boston’s buildings might be brick and colonial — not sleek and concrete. But modern monstrosities dwarf the stunted historicals as towering testaments to the industrial age. And somehow, interestingly, it works. Read the rest of this gem…

A Life Preserver.

Yesterday I was mad. I didn’t take the time to work out, I was disappointed with how I handled something for my job, and Justin left me way too many dishes for me to clean after dinner. I deserved to do nothing further that night. Read the rest of this gem…