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Oh. I Think I Just Realized Why My Back Hurts Today.

Yesterday, before 8:00 a.m., I closed all 800 open tabs in my internet browser, shut down the ol’ desktop for the first time in months and set it on the floor, and then said a little pseudo-prayer before heaving my hunk of a desk up onto my thighs and wiggle-walking my way through one narrow doorway, down the hallway, through another narrow doorway, and then collapsing into my sunroom. Read the rest of this gem…

Though I’m Pretty Sure They Were Tears Of Joy.

“So are you the mom?”

The face from whence the question came looked so youthful. So innocent. But apparently that didn’t stop me from wanting to curse it to a lifetime of rosacea and adult onset acne, or perhaps watch it grow hairy warts and wrinkle prematurely, right there in front of the White by Vera Wang ultra tufted tulle. Read the rest of this gem…