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A Life Preserver.

Yesterday I was mad. I didn’t take the time to work out, I was disappointed with how I handled something for my job, and Justin left me way too many dishes for me to clean after dinner. I deserved to do nothing further that night. Read the rest of this gem…

A Public Apology to E.L. James.

I’ll admit it.

I’ve given E.L. James a very hard time.

Not personally, mind you, because if I knew her personally I’d probably be too busy asking her about her favorite brand of lubricant and just how far she actually took her research Read the rest of this gem…

My Perfect Road Trip Bag and A Giveaway!

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I’m not really a joiner.

Like, I enjoy the company of humans and socializing with like-minded people (or open, un-like-minded people) over unprocessed nibblies and the warm buzz of alcohol, but when someone tries to add an element of organization to the gathering, I get all sweaty and uncomfortable. Read the rest of this gem…

When You Give A House A Mirror: A Quick Update.

It all started with a mirror.

A $30 thrift store mirror, in fact, which I haggled down to $25. It was very large with a clean beveled edge and a gorgeous burled wood frame reminiscent of the 1950s, the era in which this house was built, and while I’m not typically a mid-century modern kind of gal, I lugged the thing to the back of my Tracker because, hey. A steal’s a steal. Read the rest of this gem…