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Three’s Not A Crowd, After All.


Now that we’re 34 and 32 respectively, I suppose Justin and I are officially “in our thirties,” which is weird because nothing has really changed since our twenties except that our hair is falling out (yes, mine too — if you know how to make this stop, please fill me in) and now we have a roommate. Read the rest of this gem…

I Think My Fortune Cookie Is Trying To Mess With Me.

This weekend I’m starting a class about food writing and photography.

That is to say, I’m taking a class that’s going to show me the proper way to pull my iPhone out at a restaurant and snap a photo of my plate. Because apparently there’s a right way to do that, and the way I’ve been doing it since they stuck cameras inside phones is obviously completely wrong. Read the rest of this gem…

Arlington, VA: A Gateway To (And Getaway From) D.C.

Spring is the best time of year because it holds the promise of a long, luxurious summer and it’s still possible for me to walk outside without immediately forming a sweat ‘stache. The days start getting longer, the birds start chirping sweetly, and suddenly that motivation I’d been missing all winter because I was busy being SAD attacks with renewed zest. Read the rest of this gem…

Company’s Coming: How To Distract House Guests With Food.

Recently we had house guests and I’m still recovering.

You know how it is — visitors can be exhausting. Especially when one of said visitors is likely judging every life choice you’ve made since you vacated her premises. But hey. That’s what parents do. How else would they know whether to take credit for your accomplishments or blame the other parent for your vices? (YouknowIloveyoumom.) Read the rest of this gem…

Get Into The Groove: How To Paint Wood Paneling.

It’s probably about time I show you what’s been happening with my laundry room.

I’ve been hesitant to do so because after a lot of work, a semi-disastrous flooring mishap, and not an insignificant amount of money, the “after” doesn’t feel much more impressive than the “before.” At least not in a design sense. But Justin and I have a lot of things to bear in mind when it comes to renovating this little gem of a house: Read the rest of this gem…