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Other Peoples’ Messes: Alaina’s Kitchen Progress

I know you’re all anxiously awaiting the final reveal of our kitchen – at least I am.  Maybe we’ve procrastinated so long that you’re past the point of climactic excitement.  You’d think that after 18-or-so months of this project that I would be past that point as well, but no dice.  I’m just as excited as the day we started.

But it’s still. not. done.


We have the simplest of tasks yet to complete, but it might as well be a 20ft. cement wall we have to scale.

So instead of showing you mine just yet, I’m going to show you more of Alaina’s kitchen.

When one of our own projects starts to get daunting, I find it’s sometimes therapeutic to immerse myself in someone else’s mess for awhile.  After all, nothing will make you feel more accomplished than witnessing someone just getting started.

Poor saps.

This is pretty much how A’s house looked after demo.  Completely destroyed.

New Kitchen Lighting

Notice, however, subtle signs of change.

Close up the window to the right of the screened porch?  Check.

Closing up Kitchen Window

Build a pony wall (aka. half wall) for the raised bar?  Check.

Kitchen Pony Wall

Run new electrical wiring?  Check.

Kitchen New Electrical Wiring

Install new recessed lighting?  Check.

Kitchen recessed Lighting

You see, everyone thinks that demolition is so exciting – so fun.  But it can really be traumatic to see your biggest investment, your home, ripped apart at the seams.

To distract herself from the carnage, A did what any red-blooded American woman with a credit card and kitchen budget would do – she shopped.

Boy, did she shop.

Here’s a little preview:

85303 Vitoria Pendant Lamp
Click Photo for Link

She also shopped for granite, another fun (yet necessary) distraction.

Here are just a few of her options:

Madura Gold Granite
Madura Gold
Mascarello Granite
Atlantis Granite

And while A was off salving her wounds with lighting and stone, the new space was starting to take shape.

Drywall, for example, has the magical ability to make a ruin look like a room again.

Kitchen New Drywall

Drywall also has the ability to dust everything in the surrounding vicinity with a fine coat of white powder, the likes of which would make George Junge look like a pitiful amateur.

Dusty Chair

But that’s okay.  This mess too, shall pass.

And soon you will have new views.

New Kitchen View

And new windows.

New Kitchen Windows

And new doors.

New Kitchen Door

And wonderful, exhausted husbands who try their damnedest not to show it.

Exhausted Dirk

Keep paddlin’, buddy.  Keep paddlin’.

And by the way…

Dusty Chair

Just sayin’…


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Still exhausted. On a completely side note, the door in the picture might be the only door in the house that you can’t see light coming through the weather stripping. In other words, I won one.


Looks great guys. Maybe you can build me a bar for my basement. That is all we have left.

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