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Architectural Garden

It’s undeniable.  Our baby is growing up.

Kitchen Garden

Check that out, compared to how it looked just a few short weeks ago:

Kitchen Garden

But now, flowers are a bloomin’.

The rhubarb is getting huge (in my I’ve-never-grown-rhubarb-in-my-life-and-so-have-no-clue-how-big-it’s-supposed-to-get opinion):


By the way, if you’re wondering why our fence looks like Fort Knox, let’s just say that we should’ve named our dogs “Houdini.”  Both of them.

The tomatoes I planted in a container are taking off as well:


This is a veritable smorgasbord of growth.

Raised garden bed

Unfortunately, being complete garden novices, the hubs and I planted several “climbable” veggies without even realizing it.  And some just need support (like the ‘maters).

So I decided that it was time to add some architecture to this sucker.

I went out to Lowe’s and bought some trellis.  And just stuck it in there.

Kitchen Garden with Trellis

The two tall ones fit behind the 4 grape tomato plants.  I figure I can tie them up when they get a little taller.

Grape Tomatoes

The cucumbers (in the middle) have been taking off like crazy, so I stuck a fan-shaped trellis in there.  It probably won’t be big enough:


If you’re a self-proclaimed “neat freak,” it’s important you don’t let the messiness of this garden bother you.

That’s the point of a potager – or kitchen – garden.

Lovely disarray.

I also bought a cage for the tomatoes in the container.


Now we’re talkin’.

Kitchen Garden Trellis

We’ll see if the trellises even stay up.  I may need to bury those suckers a bit deeper.  But this was the best I could do in my work clothes.  (When I put my mind to something, the question of whether I’m wearing task-appropriate clothing is irrelevant.)

Kitchen Garden Trellis

I think this makes it look more like we know what we’re doing.

Or something.

If you’re tired of hearing about the garden, don’t worry.  I’m hoping to post our kitchen unveiling sometime this week.

And if you like hearing about the garden, just wait – I’ll show you how to get it drunk.

It’s always a party at our house.


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I see the Canna! lol. it’s alive! Mom and Dad would be proud :)


Oh, you were SO RIGHT about that plant! The dogs tore it out 3 times before we put it behind electrical protection, and it STILL looks like it’s coming back!

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