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Does This Couch Make Me Look Fat?


The photo you are about to see is real.  It is not a figment of your overactive imagination.  I really am posting this on the internet for all 6 of you to see.  Keep in mind that at the time this photo was taken, I was makeup-less and apparently didn’t like wearing pants. (Just kidding – there are shorts in there.  I think.)  Rest assured that we had no intentions of ever posting this on the internet, and the annoyed look on my face is directed towards the hubs – not you. 

Also keep in mind that the room you are about to see has undergone some major, yet-to-be-disclosed changes since this photo was taken.  All will be revealed in time. 

What I want you to pay attention to here is not the misshapen blinds or disheveled, pantsless internet-surfer, but focus instead on the exceedingly comfortable sofa in which she is nestled.  Notice I said “in” and not “on”.  You do not sit on wonderfully plush, overstuffed sofas.  You sit in them. 

Do not scroll down if you have an aversion to real house photos and the real people who live in them.  If you want to see perfect, go crack open a Pottery Barn or Victoria’s Secret catalog. 

Consider yourself warned. 

Here it is… 


I’m posting this because I have to ask: 

What’s so wrong with overstuffed sofas, anyway? 

Seriously. It seems like most designers and home decor experts have this… vendetta against the plump, billowy goodness that is a cushy sofa. 

Okay, okay, I’ll be fair.  I suppose that even if you set the style factor aside, you have the fact that they are likely to overcrowd a room.  I’ll admit the hubs and I have that problem.  See, our matching 3 piece sofa set (sofa, love seat, large chair) is the first new furniture we purchased together.  Our fist apartment consisted of an old couch someone gave us, a trunk as a coffee table, my wood veneer entertainment center, and a metal bed frame (no headboard, mind you – just the frame). 

So this sofa set was something special – it was symbolic for us building a home together. 

Overstuffed Sofas


It was also incredibly practical.  Beige microfiber!  Cleans incredibly easily and hardly shows dirt.  And man, are those things comfy.  There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book in my huge, overstuffed reading chair. 

The monsters agree. 

Reading Corner


But realistically, I need to think about the configuration of our living room and what our huge, over-sized sofas mean for re-sale.  They make the room look small (in an already-small room, this is not something that would have the realtors on Designed to Sell jumping for joy). 

Considering the fact that today’s super-sleek and stylish choices… 

…like this one from Pottery Barn: 

Photo from: (click photo for link)


…or this one from Crate & Barrel: 

Photo from: Crate & (Click photo for link)


…could run us upwards of $1,700 (yikes!), I’ve been busily researching some other options. 

Fortunately, there appears to be a slew of online retailers out there offering designer catalogue look-alike sofas at a fraction of the price.  Of course, they all have mixed reviews, and none of them would allow us to actually sit in the sofa before committing to a purchase.  I *think* I might have the hubs nearly convinced to give it a try, however, because let’s face it – if our sofa is too comfortable, we might never get up.  (Or maybe I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that a slightly uncomfortable sofa will motivate us to get off our bums and finish our renovating.) 

I’ll have a vote at some point, but for right now, here are a couple I like: 

Photo from: (Click photo for link)


Looks a bit like the one from Pottery Barn, no? 

This one seems nice, too: 

Photo from: (Click photo for link)


Anyway, there are so many choices!  For people as indecisive as me and impulsive as the hubs, this could end up disastrous. 

I will be holding a vote sometime in the near future, but in the meantime, any suggestions?


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ok, my GIANT sectional was just over 2k and is WAY TOO compfy….but you can fit 10 people on it. Please don’t pay 2k for just one sofa……you might also price out reapolstering (sp?) a couch purchased from craige’s list or a garage sale? we’re planning to do that with two antique chairs from my parents this fall for the living room and eventually getting a new couch/loveseat out there too.


Oh no! That’s the point – I’m not going to spend that much on a sofa, that’s why I’m looking at the look-alike options online. I’m actually thinking about a small sectional… maybe with a chaise on the end to separate the front entry from the rest of the room? Not sure if that will solve my space problem, though. I’ll probably throw a diagram up here soon. I’m not really digging the craig’s list idea – I’d buy other furniture from there, but probably not couches or beds. You just never know where they’ve been… it’s different if you’re getting it from your parents. ;)


I’d suggest checking out Ecko or Ikea for modern yet affordable options. While most of what Ikea has is really for college students, they do have an upper line from which a friend of mine bought a couch and it’s hella comfortable yet looks rich. At least that way you’d be able to sit in them before purchase. Ecko is the same way, and if you’re in Raleigh or the area there’s an Ecko store on Glenwood with a great selection at even better prices.


Thanks for the tips, Lee! You’re right – I’d probably be better off trying to sit in something before purchasing it. I will definitely try Ecko. In fact, now that I remember, there are a ton of furniture stores off Glenwood, so maybe we’ll make a day of it. I think the closest Ikea is Charlotte (right?) – I’ve been thinking of taking a weekend trip up there at some point, so that might be worth it, too. Thanks again!!

Monique Helms

Omg I had the couch and love seat just like that. I wish I could find another one. So fluffy like a marshmallow. I loved it and when I couldn’t get to sleep all I had to do was go to the couch. Please make more of these pretty please


Haha, I just sold those before we moved! I kept the chair, though. I wanted to keep at least some of the squishiness in my life.


Do you remember by any chance who made that couch…im.still looking

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