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Well, Hello There.

I couldn’t help but notice you from across the room.  Looking lonely.

Want a little company?  Don’t worry, I don’t bite.  Ha-ha.

Sooo, what brings a sweet little thing like you to a place like this? 

Really?  That’s fascinating

Tell me more…

I have to say, you’re amazing and I dig getting to know you and all…. 

But you look a little tense. 

Confined, even.

Maybe you should try to loosen up a bit…?

There.  Now doesn’t that feel better?

Yeah, that’s more like it…

Man, you’re really coming out of your shell, aren’t you?  Wild thing!

So, uh… yeah.  (cough)

Well, (checks watch) I guess I’d better get going. 

Got a busy day ahead of me.  And whatnot. 

You know how it is. 

Um, look, you’re sweet and all. 

I’m just not really looking for anything long-term right now.  You know?

Plus, you’re candy.  I’m a girl.  It’d never last between us.

But you’ll remain in my heart (and teeth) for a long time to come.

You stay classy, you hear?




I feel kind of dirty now. I hope my office didn’t pick up on me reading something of this type of content on a work computer.



You left out the part where you immediately go have a beer with your friends and brag about it.


Haha, well I did post about it on Facebook, didn’t I? ;)


This literally had us laughing out loud (three people reading off of Katie’s computer). I almost want one of those weird creme-ish filled cararmel-ish filling-killer things MORE than the mini candy bars stashed under Leslie’s desk…What if I told you I was willing to trade you a peanut butter cup for one of those off-brand candies you obviously stole from your neighbor’s desk?


They’re called ‘Bulls’ Eyes’ and they’re frickin’ delicious! The only problem is they last about 0.5 seconds, except for the part that lodges in your back molars for a solid hour. And I might be willing to pimp one out to you as part of a trade… :)

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