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Guest Bathroom Befores and Not-Quite-Afters

You don’t have to say it – I already know.  You’re mad because I’ve been lax in my home renovation updates.  And I want you to know that I understand.  It’s okay to be upset.

It’s like 4 months ago I tricked you into thinking this blog was going to have actual DIY projects and before-and-after photos.  I took you out to a nice dinner, opened the car door for you, wore a fancy suit – then, when we started to get comfortable, I began complaining about your cooking, making jokes at your expense, and wearing my holy underpants.

It’s inexcusable, I know.  But the thing is, people change.  Interests change.  And while it’s still incredibly important that we get this house in shape before we have to sell it, I’ve got bigger fish to fry right now than picking out flooring to replace the worn-out carpet in the living room or scraping popcorn off the rest of our ceilings.

But.  That doesn’t mean I can’t show you some things we’ve done already.  There are several rooms in the house that, while not complete, are vastly improved from the day we moved in.

Aside from the remodeled kitchen, our guest bathroom has probably seen the most change.  I showed you how it looked like a crime scene for several months while we attempted – in vain – to remove the maroon paisley wallpaper.  But lucky for us, and our guests, it now looks a whole lot different.


Guest Bathroom (before)


Guest Bathroom After


Kate's Guest Bathroom Wallpaper Removal



Kate's Guest Bathroom Crime Scene



We tiled the floor with porcelain tiles bought at Restore Warehouse for a fraction of what they would’ve cost at a tile store.  The actual DIY process of tiling the floors was not captured in photos.  Let’s just say it consisted of approximately 48 hours of intense stress, sweat, near-filing of divorce papers, and maybe a little blood.

Curved shower curtain rod

We tore out the old brass shower doors and had the nasty yellow tub refinished.  Then we hung this nifty curved shower curtain rod to make the shower extra roomy.

Decorating the Toilet

I haven’t hung anything on the walls yet, but I have decorated my toilet.  Because I’m cool like that.  We added the wainscoting and chair rail (all that white trim on the bottom half of the walls) because when we ripped out the vanity, we may have damaged the drywall.  Just a bit.  So this was our solution.  Happy accident, right?  We only had to re-do it once.

And I bought this nifty cylinder thing to hold the TP.  Pedestal sinks look pretty, but they’re sure not ideal for storage.

And um… we can wash our hands.

Rolled-up Towels

We can dry ’em, too.


And if we find we need to do dirty, smelly things in this pristine new room, then at least we have this.

Any questions?


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Wish you had been that neat when you lived at home! Just to let everyone know: Katie and her sister Kelly had a Jack ‘n Jill bathroom, meaning it was in between their two bedrooms. No hall entrance was a blessing – and a curse. Sometimes I was naive enough to trust that they were keeping it clean. I brought home the scrubbing bubbles, sponges, lysol and everything else they would need. Occasionally I found a need to enter this sanctum. The first time I almost fainted. After that I just took a deep breath and held it until the clean towels, extra cleaning products and toilet paper were in their proper places and got out as quickly as I could move my feet across the sticky floor. But I must have done something right, right? Look how they turned out!

the other Mrs. Barstow

The new look is beautiful. Congratulations, Katie. It’s just not the same when someone else does it for you. But RB & I can attest to the conflict of the DURING phases. We’ve done the DIY remodel thing way too many times in too many places. Moving to a new house did that to us. OUR biggest offender was always the wallpaper. Oh, there were threats!!


Thanks, Jude! I hope you had more success with your wallpaper than us…


Thanks for that, ma. Really. :)


Wow Katie, that looks awesome! It looks just like a hotel. Are you sure you shouldn’t be an interior decorator?? :D


Aw, thanks! If I could build a decorating career based on buying whatever’s on sale or clearance and putting it in a room, I’d be golden. But it just happened to work out in this room… the mirror was $23 on clearance, and we got the sink for around $100 but had to go to two different places to get the bowl and the pedestal. Now I just need some bathroom-appropriate photos to hang on the walls… :)


I think the PERFECT bathroom photo would be a framed copy of the elephant on a loo.

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