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Celebrate Good Times

Two days ago the Central American country of Costa Rica celebrated 189 years of independence.  It was kind of a big deal.

And while we didn’t see any fireworks here in the little town of Bagaces, the people here proved that they do, without a doubt, know how to celebrate.

People lined the streets to watch a parade put on by school students of all ages.  Some were dressed in beautiful (I’m assuming traditional?) clothes.

Bagaces, Costa Rica Independence Day

Don’t let all the jeans fool you – it was HOT outside.

Bagaces, Costa Rica Independence Day

I think the entire town showed up – lining the streets and even climbing trees to watch the parade.

Bagaces, Costa Rica Independence Day Parade

Our friend Karla’s son played the drum.

Parade Drums

Oh, the drums.

Bagaces School Band

This isn’t your typical American high school marching band.  This was something else.  Something spectacular.  The rhythm was palpable.  And the energy of the players – even through the heat – was incredible.  They jumped in the air, throwing the barrels behind their backs like it was nothing.  It wasn’t just music.  It was a dance.  It was intense.

Bagaces Costa Rica School Drums

What I learned that day about this town is that the people here are really no different from any small community in the U.S.  They love gathering for celebrations, and all of the related accoutrements: eating great food, listening to fun music, and of course, showing off their babies.

By the way, I really think Erin and I are finally starting to blend in.

Don’t you think?


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Ahhh great post…glad you guys got to see (and feel) the drums:) They really are awesome. And yes, Erin is blending in nicely, it was like a Where’s Waldo photo, I could barely find her!!


Haha, yeah… must be the tan. ;)


I’m like a chameleon, baby.


Maybe “Where’s Waldo in a Maasai tribe”. ;)

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