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Costa Rica Critter #3

Okay, remember this little incident?

We were only on our first or second day at work when we realized it was perfectly normal for someone to show up at the office with a giant freakin’ SNAKE in tow.

This is why it came as no particular surprise when Derby showed up the other day with something quite interesting in his hand.

Costa Rica Scorpion

Something any normal person would not want to carry in his BARE-ASS hand.

Big-ass Scorpion

That’s right, my friends. ┬áIt’s a scorpion.

It’s a live scorpion.

And no, I did not ask him to flip it over so I could get a better shot.


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Jeremiah LeBlanc

Wow, nice. His hands seemed to indicate many scorpions may have been there before : )

Much joy for you all!


I definitely wouldn’t be surprised!


ummm the snake ok…see that before to but…..was there a reason for him to pick up scorpion take it for an upside down walk ..?

wishing you success and the best days


No reason I can see – except maybe to show off! :)

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