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Turning Point

It’s about this time of year when my body starts convincing me I need to acquire an extra layer of fat to prevent me from freezing to death, so I’m inevitably compelled to eat lots of this:

White Chili

And plenty of these:


And before long, I find I need to buy larger pairs of these:

Because sometimes this happens.

So yesterday, in a half-assed attempt to prevent nature from taking its course, I made this.

And ate it this morning like this:

Granola with yogurt and raspberries

And while it definitely wasn’t my usual piece toast smeared with perfectly proportioned layers of peanut butter and maple honey, I have to say it wasn’t bad.

Not bad at all.


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Honestly, those Tortilla Burgesas are amazing. Well worth the larger waist size that inevitably comes with them…


Haha, thanks! That makes me feel a little better about the whole non-fitting jean situation…

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