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Tips From the Pros: How to Satiate Those Late-Night Cravings

EDIT:  It has been brought to my attention that it might not be easy to pick up on my intended sarcastic tone in the following post.  Therefore, this is your notice that if there were such a thing as a “sarcasm font,” this post would surely be written with it.  Thank you.

Just when I thought I was in a heap of trouble and started to become desperate because I’ve finally, officially, gotten sick and tired of trying to figure out what to make for dinner night after night*, the ultimate foodie guru Rachael Ray has come to my rescue.

*Note:  It’s not the physical act of cooking I can no longer stand – it’s the pouring over recipes online looking for something new and interesting and not eight-five thousand calories and doesn’t contain crazy-expensive ingredients and doesn’t make more than enough to feed 8 people and why isn’t there a cookbook out there called, Katie, This is the Cookbook You Need.  Buy Me and You Will Never Have to Search for Another Recipe Again?

So last night I got home late.  With this new job at the bar, I’ve gotten used to feeling awake as though I’ve drunk 3 cups of coffee in the middle of the night; the ghostly darkened roads with blinking lights devoid of traffic; and the dark, quiet house where even the dogs don’t want to wake up to greet me.

But what I can’t, for the life of me, seem to adjust to is the feeling that I am absolutely starving at 2 o’clock in the morning.  I might eat dinner at 4 to get to the bar by 5, and then, before I know it, 9 hours have passed and I’ve barely had time to take a few sips of water, let alone snag some bar food from the kitchen.

So.  All I have to say is, thank God for Rachel Ray.  She has seriously saved me with this recipe:

Late Night Bacon.

Photo source

Now, I realize it sounds a bit complicated, but bear with me.  You will need 8 slices of bacon, 4 sheets of paper towel, and a microwave-safe plate.  Oh, and a microwave.  Place 2 of the paper towels on the plate, and place the bacon on top of that.  Do not, for the love of all that is holy, let your bacon slices overlap.

Now here’s where it gets tricky:  You will need to take the remaining 2 sheets of paper towel and place them over the bacon.  Then place the plate in the microwave on high for 4-6 minutes.

Like I said, it’s a bit complicated, but I’m so thankful to have access to someone like Rachel Ray on the Food Network website to walk me through it.  I mean… microwaving bacon instead of pan-frying?  Genius.  Because we all know I shouldn’t be messing with the stove at 2 a.m.  And writing this high-calorie recipe specifically to be consumed late at night?  When my metabolism is probably at its all-time lowest?  Well.  I feel like she wrote it just for me.

And here are some of my favorite reviews from the site, because it’s always helpful to learn from the mistakes of others:

“The recipe didn’t say anything about removing my hand from the bacon, so I ended up microwaving my hand with the bacon and paper towels. I passed out twice from the pain, but once I awoke, the bacon, the paper towels and my hand had all melded into one yumm-o baconey flavored blob, which really was crispy and delicious. I’ve got one hand left, and oh yeah, I’m making this again tonight!”


Wow, thanks for the tip, latenightbaconman!  I probably would’ve done the same thing – I mean, I need my directions to be explicit – so thanks for saving me the headache.  I mean handache.

“Hey Ray Ray! I loved the recipe, but thought it needed something to be a late night meal. Could you please post your recipe for toast? I’d like a recipe for a glass of milk as well, but I don’t think I could do all that in one night.”


Oh, Shanon.  I feel  your pain.  I do.  I mean, it’s late night bacon.  Who has the energy to make an entire glass of milk?  Hopefully Ray Ray will respond with a solution to this problem, pronto.

“Personally, I think this recipe could be improved by the addition of a bit more bacon and a bit less paper towel. The taste of the towel was pretty good with all that bacon grease on it, but the texture was *awful*. I’ve tried this preparation a few times for my guests, and they always leave the towels behind. Sometimes slightly gnawed, but it’s clear they don’t enjoy them.”


Ooh, nice suggestion, BaconMan.  I can really see how reducing the amount of paper towel might improve the overall flavor of this recipe.  Or maybe you could try what yet another reviewer suggested and marinade the sheets in Pam first?  It’s worth a shot…

Photo source


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Mr. Pratt

This is blasphemous to those among us (me) who are bacon purists.

I had considered sharing my Canadian-style American Bacon with you. And now I’m not. AND IT IS DELICIOUS.

Microwaving bacon. SHAME ON YOU.


What, you didn’t pick up on the sarcasm?? ;)

Mr. Pratt

Oh, and RachRay? The anti-christ.

You want one cookbook to rule them all? Pick from these three: The [Revised] Joy of Cooking; The Martha Stewart Cookbook; The Dean & DeLuca Cookbook, this last one being my bible.


Don’t worry Adam – this is satirical! I’m not too familiar with her show, but the fact that Ray Ray posted a recipe on how to microwave bacon speaks volumes. Thanks for the recs – I will definitely check those out!


I’ve got a book called something along the lines of Cooking with 6 Ingredients of Less. It’s like ‘5 Ingredient Fix’ with Claire Robinson…but I don’t watch that show for the cooking. ;)


Ha! I totally watch Giada for her boobs (I mean her oceanfront home), so I’m totally picking up what you’re dropping.


lol this was a great post to come back to … RE: your disclaimer at the top of the page..

Heres a “recipe’ for a sarcasm font (the corresponding description goes in the FAQ which for the bacon people may not know what that is either so the like formally called FAQ should be renamed “click the mouse on this here if you have questions they may be answered here”

{sarcasm} when you see this font please attach and activate sense of humor and stop taking everything quite so literally… “I’m probably not being serious and means to portray how ridiculous or absurd what ever I am saying is.

{/sarcasm} you can detach sense of humor and believe everything I say is the literal truth of my meaning until other wise noted.

LOL……… anyways great post .

Wish you all the happiness and success.


Eugene! So happy to see you back! And thanks for the tutorial on how to do the sarcasm font – I might have to try that next time. ;)

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