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If Paint Could Double as Makeup and Hand Creme, I’d be in Business

Soo… does anyone know how to quickly defrost a used paint roller?


More important, does anyone know how to get paint out from under my nails?  And out of my hair?  And how the heck did it get in my bra??

What?  I have to take a shower?

Well forget that.

Paint-laced sweat is now my signature scent.

I think the customers at work tonight will really love it.  Because at this point, there’s clearly no way I’m going to have time to finish this and shower before heading to the bar.  So they have to love it.

But back to my frozen roller question:  See, after wiping down all of the trim and baseboards, removing the switch and outlet plates, taking pictures and mirrors down from the walls, patching holes I know I won’t use again, and moving some of the furniture, I only had time to do one round of cutting in with the brush and one coat with the roller before the room was full of shadows and my body gave out.

Plus, Justin had come home with Thai food and once I sat down to eat it, I didn’t really feel I had the option to get back up again.

(By the way, when I say things like “cutting in with the brush,” that’s fancy painter speak for, “I had to outline every damn inch of crown molding, base boards, inside corners, window trim, and door frames – that’s EIGHT door frames – in our living room and hallway with a paint brush before I could cover the walls using the roller.)

So when I finished Round 1 last night, I wrapped my roller and leftover paint in the tray with plastic wrap and stuck ’em in the freezer.  This usually works well for re-use in a day or two without having to wash the roller and waste all that paint, assuming you remember to… that’s right… take it out of the freezer.

**UPDATE: My friend “laxsupermom” over at Sugar & Spice in the Land of Balls & Sticks informed me in the comments that I am, in fact, a crack head and paint rollers should go in the refrigerator — not the freezer, otherwise you end up with “paintcicles” (which I did).  She also said freezers are for vodka, which would explain the looks I get from guests when I pull my vodka bottles out of the garden. Clearly, I still have some learning to do.

I finished Round 2 of cutting in this morning, washed my brush, ate some lunch, and then realized my roller was still in the freezer.


And with just over 3 hours before I have to leave for work, I’m wondering, really, if maybe a darker paint border around every wall and piece of trimwork surrounding a patchy, single coat center might become a trend if I just leave it like this and post pictures of the “finished” room all over the internet.

What?  I’m not that cool?

I bet if these guys did it, you’d think it was cool.

Whaddya say, Sherry and John?  How about only half finishing a paint job in one of your rooms to make me look good?


Well fine.

I guess I’ll have to finish.  My left bicep will thank you, but the rest of my body?

Let’s just say the road to forgiveness is a long one.


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John & Sherry never half-ass projects, but then J&S’s job is redoing their homes. It’s not really fair to compare. Frig, not freezer, silly. Paint trays & rollers wrapped in plastic in the frig will keep overnight(or a couple of weeks if your design ADD kicks in) and not dry out, and are ready to go when you are. In the freezer, and you end up with paintsicles. Freezers are for vodka.


Well, crap. THAT is why it wasn’t working. It’s been a long while since the last time I painted a room over 2 days (actually, I think the last time was 4 years ago when I first painted the living room and hallway). I have added the edit to my post – thanks for the info!


Ha! In the garden! Let me lay it out for you. If you plant a bottle of vodka in the garden, you will not have a harvest of airplane mini bottles in the fall, you may have a couple of passed out neighborhood teenagers, though. ;-P


You know, that might still be worth it, just to keep them from driving 4-wheelers through our backyard. ;)

blunt delivery


i’m so sick of paint.

now it’s to the point where most of the walls are done but you look around and see all the touch ups you gotta do and it’s like fuck it.


I. hear. you.

You have no idea.

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