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Progress. It’s A Beautiful Thing.

My, oh my, my desk is finally complete.

After Justin was gracious enough to build it, I had that puppy painted and poly’d in 2-3 months flat.

Because I’m good like that.

Here she is butt naked:

And here she is all gussied up:

It’s a terrible photo because the lighting is crazy and there are cords on the floor and my dogs are performing PDAs all over the internet, but as you can see, it didn’t turn out half-bad!

I really lucked out because I used an old bucket of white paint I had sitting around, and the color match happens to be pretty close to the desk I’d already bought (the one with the drawers).

I’m not going to lie — the process of getting her sea-worthy was a long one.  Justin built her and then primed her with an oil-based primer using a high quality bristle brush.  (Oh, you didn’t know my desk was a “her”?  Well, she is.)

Then I used my leftover white, water-based (latex) paint and applied 3 coats using a brush.  I used a very fine-grit sanding block between coats (it said “between coats” on the label).  Finally, I put on 3 coats of Minwax water-based Polycrylic using a foam brush for protection (sanding between coats), since I’m pretty sure the whole office project is going to shrivel up and die by the wayside and we’ll end up using her for beer pong.

Yes, the surface has some streaks.  In fact, I’m pretty convinced at this point that the only way to avoid streaks is to spray the paint on — not brush it.  And next time, I might go with a Poly that you rub on with a cloth, rather than apply with a brush.

But overall?  I’m happy.

And since my life is made of checklists these days, and this little office project is taking longer than expected, I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally cross something off.

Office Checklist:

  • Buy small desk
  • Build large desk
  • Stain/paint and hang shelving
  • Organize
  • Paint book shelves (I’m pretty much dreading this)
  • New office chair?
  • Prettify


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Looks great congrats on getting it done, Why are you dreading painting bookshelves?


Thank you! The book cases are going to be a pain in the butt to paint. Too many surfaces. :)

Tile Tramp

The desk looks fantastic! I’m seriously impressed- it’s hard to re-paint furniture and have it look that pro (my dining set is living proof)!


Why, thank you! It shows up a bit cleaner in the pic than it does in real life, but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. :)


Love the desk. Good job guys! Justin – come make something at my house. I need a little side table for my Blu Ray player :)
And if your table somehow turns into a beer pong table….let’s just say I’m in. :)


It definitely would make a good beer pong table, but it will never be able to compare to the floating one…

And Justin can build you a side table — AFTER he installs our floors, scrapes the popcorn off the master bedroom ceiling, paints the ceiling, cleans out the garage, mows the lawn, cleans out the gutters, and finishes a slew of other projects on his honey-do list. Yeah… don’t ever buy a house.


“2-3 months flat” LOL. It takes time to do a good job, after all.

I thought you’d painted both pieces, so they are a great match. Good job!


Glad you caught that. I like to do things right — I didn’t say I like to do them quickly. ;)


The desk looks terrific! 2-3 months is nothing in the land of furniture finishing procrastination. I’ve been “working” on a piece for close to a year now that really should have been done by now. Bookcases absolutely suck to paint. I highly recommend you rent a sprayer for a day when you get to them. So worth it.


You know, I might just take your advice on that one. Though I’m not convinced I wouldn’t make a complete mess with a sprayer… But I do also need to paint our old kitchen cabinets we stuck out in the garage, so if I do manage to rent (and master) a sprayer, maybe I should plan out a couple projects for it…


the desk looks amazing, love. i’ve got a desk in my garage that’s just a-waiting. I’ve never refinished so, i’m a lil skeerred


Why, thank you! This one was brand, spankin’ new raw wood, and I’m honestly not sure whether that’s easier or harder than refinishing. I’m guessing refinishing might be even trickier because you’ll have to smooth out the surface. I’d highly recommend the spray paint route if possible, because trying to brush paint smoothly was a huge pain. Especially if you’re a perfectionist when it comes to stuff like that. Which I’m guessing you are, because I am. And we’re pretty much the same person.

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