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Dinner for One: The Microwave is my Friend.


I’ll admit it.

I misled you.

I don’t cook myself an extravagant meal every night to enjoy with a glass of vino on the back deck while Justin’s away.  I don’t even always go so far as to construct an elaborate sandwich or a box of Mac ‘n Cheese.

Sometimes, simple really is best.

Whole wheat crackers with sliced, spiced Havarti cheese, an artichoke microwaved (yes, microwaved) and served with basil mayo, and shortbread cookies topped with salted chocolate.

Of course, I ate it on the back deck with a glass of wine.

Some things don’t change.

For Artichoke:

1. Lop off the top with a sharp knife, then cut away the remaining leaf tips with a pair of kitchen shears.  Cut off the bottom of the stem, leaving an inch or so — I left a little much.  The stem is an extension of the heart, so don’t toss it.  Rinse it well, and don’t drain.

2. Place it in a microwave-safe dish with a couple of tablespoons of water.  Cover tightly with a glass lid or plastic wrap.  Microwave on high for approximately 7 minutes.  A knife inserted near the base will slide right in — like buttah — when it’s done.

3. Remove with tongs and let it cool slightly.  Peel off a leaf, dip in some mayo mixed with a bit of lemon juice and fresh basil, and scrape the meat from the leaf with your teeth.  Discard the leaf.

4. When you get down to the heart, pull away the remaining tiny leaves and cut off the hair.  Yes, hair.  Slice the heart into bite-sized pieces so you can savor every bit.

5. Sip wine.  Relax.  Everything will be okay.



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Penny Mannel

I’ve always cut off the bottom – the stem – so it will sit upright in the microwave. I’ve never cut off the top – just clipped the tops of the leaves. What does cutting off the top do for it?


looks great … although even that is more effort than i put in to cooking normally lol Hey that Artichoke look like it took effort lol


Not much — you can DO it! :)


Wow, even if you use the microwave, that’s a fancy meal for one to me. I usually stop at the whole grain crackers and spicy cheese. I have never had artichoke, other than the marinated hearts from a jar. I’m determined to try. Someday.


Definitely try one! It only took about 30 seconds to prep — sooo yummy!

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