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Procrastination is an Art Best Left to the Professionals.

So I’ve been pretty negligent in my writing lately.

It’s not my fault, I swear.

First, there’s my job.  I don’t really want to talk about it.

Then, there’s this American duty called taxes.  Yes, they come every year.  No, it’s not a surprise.  The problem?  Justin and I are both procrastinators.  Two procrastinators in one household is worse than 2 Alphas in a  single pack.  Where 2 Alphas waste time arguing about whose way they’re going to do something, we waste time thinking about how we’re not going to do something.  Alphas will eventually finish the job when they determine who can yell the loudest or one knocks the other into a wall.  But 2 procrastinators?  We never get anything finished.

So last night, after I arrived home from work 3 hours late and was busy not packing for my trip, we realized.  Today is March 30th.  That means tomorrow is the 31st.  Of course, after that comes April, which means taxes are due in like 15 to 18 days.  I didn’t care enough to look it up.  And I’m going to be gone for like half of those.  So, yeah.  Maybe we should get on that.  Like… now.

Oh, and that trip?  That trip starts today.  Only I’m sitting here, typing to you, because my darling husband is off getting my oil changed — something I meant to do last week, I swear, but the days just kept happening one after the other and the change never occurred.

So I’ve spent the morning packing, and he’s prepping the Tracker for our imminently late departure.

And I’ll tell you what — packing for a trip up the coast is not an easy task.  Since I’m sure to face all types of weather scenarios as I head further north, I figured the best solution was to just throw all of my things into one giant suitcase.

Okay, not all of my things.  But quite a few.

I can do that because I’m driving, hence no exorbitant baggage fees.

Then, of course, there’s the travel outfit itself.  Since I rarely show you pictures of myself and I’m antsy waiting to go:

Yep, that is one classy lady.  Shorts and a baggy sweater.  Why this particular look?  Well, I personally think shorts are more comfortable for driving than jeans, and I don’t wear pajama pants in public.  The sweater is to keep off the chill since it’s raining right now, but I’m wearing a tank top underneath in case it gets stuffy in the car.

Loose clothes are key when it comes to road trips.  That way, when my inevitable fast food pooch spills over my waistline as I sit for an extended period, I won’t have to look at it.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes that’s still our guest room.

Yes, it’s been probably 2 months since we started on the master bedroom.

Yes, it’s still a mess.

And yes, that’s a pile of dirty laundry behind me.

So get off my back, would you?


Don’t you know that I’m too busy doing important things like throwing clothes into a bag and taking photos of myself in the mirror to do housework?  I mean, just look at the title of this blog.  If that’s not an excuse, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, I’m officially late for my self-imposed departure time.  It’s really not surprising, and fortunately for me, my friends are kind of awesome because they know me.  If I were to actually be on time, the world might implode.

So really, I’m doing this for you.

By the way, of course I haven’t looked up things for us to do/see during our one day in NYC.  We have reservations to see Ground Zero — can any of you locals or near-NYC-ers tell me what else we should hit that’s nearby?  I think I’d probably enjoy some of the more artsy areas.  And both of us would enjoy anything involving food.  And it should be young-teen friendly because my aunt, uncle, and cousins-in-law will be along for the ride.  Actually it’s probably the other way around.  But you get the gist.  Ideas?

How about you? Any big weekend plans?


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We professionals procrastinate best. Have fun in New York – I know exactly six and a half nights of that city, and it’s one of my favorites in the world. Everything was closed when I was out but the chess shop in Greenwich village (3 a.m. games with geniuses at picnic tables), and the Nuyorican Poets’ Cafe, where I’d wanted to see a show for as long as I could remember. I recommend both.

And we’re not looking at your pile of dirty laundry :P


Ha! You must be looking at the dirty mirror, then. ;)


I finished cleaning the understair closet while everyone pretty much watched me. Yoohoo! I actually wore pajama pants for that, so that’s one advantage, I guess…


What?? You have a whole built-in cleaning crew and you let them watch you organize the closet?! Seriously. What’s the point of even having kids?? ;)


oh my dear. how i’ve missed you.

i’m not only a procrastinator by i’m mathematically retarded, so taxes are no bueno.

i’ve been MIA cusi have a job that sucks the life out of me. i don’t wanna talk about it either.

let’s drink.


Yes. Math. That’s why it took me over 4 hours to do the taxes. With the help of computer software.

I’m useless.

What is this amazing job you’ve acquired??

And where are these drinks???


Bon voyage enjoy and hope your trip goes awesome


It DID go awesome! I will be back with details soon, I promise. :)

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