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It’s Like Someone Injected Me With Speed This Weekend and I Can’t. Come. Down.

You know how I kind of sort of have a nasty habit of starting projects and never — ever — finishing them?

Like when I declared I was going to clean out the garage or organize my office or build storage for the master closet or decorate our bedroom?


I have news.

And try not to spit out your coffee when I tell you.

Here goes.

I’m actually making progress on two of those…

Valspar Gypsy Teal

Valspar’s “Gypsy Teal”

Cindy Crawford Style® Fontayne Grommet-Top Drapery Panel - Fog Mist & Taupe Gray

Click photo for curtain panel source.

Macy's Hotel Collection - Transom Charcoal

Click above photo for duvet cover source.

DIY Chalk Painted Dresser

DIY Chalk Paint Dresser (tutorial coming soon)

Ballard Designs - Julian Apothecary Lamp - Aged Silver

Click above photo for reading lamp source.

Solaris Olde Silver 3-light Chandelier by Chrystorama

Click above photo for more information about light fixture.

Closet and bedroom.

Peanut Butter Reece's Pieces Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

Also, I baked cookies.  And I only ate like six.  Or seven.  The rest of these puppies are going to Afghanistan.  Click photo for recipe.

Yep.  That’s right.  You only get the crappy Instagrammed sneak peek.  Because between the painting and the decorating and the domesticating and the cold I’ve somehow managed to develop, I’m too tired and full of cookie dough to give you more.

Also, I still have some finishing touches I need to complete.

By the way — those of you all caught up in these various body cleansing diets that are currently all the rage, here’s a tip:  Consuming exorbitant amounts of raw cookie dough will also do the trick.

Just so you know.


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Oh snap those look yummy! Evidently high altitudes lead to extreme hunger (amongst other things) :)


They WERE yummy. I had to pack them up quickly to avoid eating them all. I’ll admit, though – I did leave out the banana chips. :)


Awwe hope your cold goes away soon ,great work so far and…yummm.. you have great self control to have ate that few they look great.


Haha it wasn’t self control that stopped me — it was a massive stomach ache. ;)


Color me intrigued! And now hungry, too. Can’t wait to see more… I love the glimpses I’m seeing, and the cookies look great, even though I’m not a cookie person. –Cookie dough person, I am, though. Hope your cold goes away fast!


Agreed- cookie dough is totally my weakness! Katie, have you seen the recipe for cookie dough dip? It’s made with sour cream (and as usual, I’d like to make it and blog about it save me the trouble of attempting to do so, LOL!)


I have seen it, and I refuse to make it. I have enough vices as it is!!


Thanks! I’ll take some better quality images one of these days.. just waiting to get some stuff on the walls.

These made for some fantastic cookie dough, FYI. ;)

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