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Da… Da… Dada Delray.

If you’ve been following along on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll know this post is likely late today because Justin and I took a little road trip last Saturday.


And now find ourselves in Sunny Florida. And in Sunny Florida, we run on island timemon.

Not that Florida is an island, obviously, so it’s more like giant-phallus-of-the-United-States time.

And in giant-phallus-of-the-United-States time, the day doesn’t even start until you’ve fought 30-minutes of traffic to drive five miles to purchase a cafe con leche and some delicious empanadas.

I’d take a photo to prove it, but I ate them.


See, several months ago Justin and I went to a wine tasting at our favorite local Italian eatery, and while Justin was warming our seats at the bar and I was warming my gullet with some choice reds, I met this girl named Missy who was new to the area and who happened to live near us with her husband Pedro, and soon Missy and I became friends even though she’s a very chic designer who always looks like she has her shit together while I’m… well… me. I knew we were destined for friendship when Justin and I won the chili cook-off they hosted at their place because the quickest way to my heart is to let me win something.


I knew we were destined for friendship because the Grand Prize was a giant chocolate Easter bunny and the runner-up prize was a bottle of Beano.


Fast-forward a couple of months, and Missy invited us to spend some time with them at their timeshare in Orlando this week. I’ll post photos of that soon, but just imagine, if you will, a three bedroom, three bathroom palace with a full kitchen, granite counters, four flat screen televisions, and a balcony overlooking a golf course.

It’s rough, I tell you.

Of course, we couldn’t drive this far down the phallus without driving a few hours further to visit my sister in Fort Lauderdale, which is where we find ourselves on this balmy spring morning sipping cafe con leches and nibbling Cuban pastries.


Last night Kelly took us to Delray Beach, which is a super adorable little village of restaurants and shops and sun dresses and flip-flops and open-air bars and the smell of grilled seafood.


And Dr. Seuss flowers.


We soon left the hustle behind as we approached Dada, a secluded fairly land of a restaurant with a shady front dining patio adorned with twinkling Moroccan lanterns and a maze of indoor rooms with hand-painted murals and eclectic furnishings.


Feeling splurgy, Justin and Kelly ordered some flavored mojitos (mango and blueberry), while I ordered some kind of refreshing white wine.


Easily the most delicious thing I’ve eaten in quite some time (and you know I’ve eaten some delicious things), we ordered the “Dada Dates” for our appetizer.

Bacon wrapped medjool dates / goat cheese / chorizo / tomato confit

For dinner, Justin had the crab cakes:

Natural blue crab / trio of sauces / yellow rice

I had the butternut squash ravioli:

Thyme cream / asparagus / vine-ripe tomatoes / artichoke hearts

And Kelly had the Shake ‘n Bake pork chops:

Balsamic butterscotch onions / mashed potatoes

The entrées seemed a little over-priced for what we received, but all-in-all, everything tasted excellent, the service was great, and the atmosphere was fantastic.

And those dates were so good, I’m considering hitting the place back up for a second order on our way back to Orlando.

So did you have a good weekend?

52 N Swinton Ave.
Delray Beach, Florida 33444

Dada on Urbanspoon


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“We couldn’t drive this far down the phallus” has taken up permanent residency in my list of all-time favorite literary expressions. I may make a bumper sticker.


Last year, driving to the Keys for my birthday, I kept wondering when we’d spurted out the urethra. Yep.


Those ants on the wall creep me out.


They crept me out, too. Until we spent some time in the room with them… Once I got to know them, they weren’t so bad. (But still – not sure bugs would be my decor of choice if I owned a restaurant.) ;)


I used to work on Atlantic Ave at a pub called the blue anchor! (It seems a lifetime ago!) Oh Katie, even looking at these photos brings back some really awesome memories! I remember sitting under that same ridiculously “flordia” tree drinking wine on my 21st birthday! I don’t remember if the place even had the same name at that time! Hope you guys had a blast! Delray is a fun town!


I didn’t know you used to live there! Glad I could take you back for a minute. :)


Cool trip great photos…is that bacon …if it is bacon well I can understand why they are so good..bacon wrapped ..if you like what is wrapped to begin with of course…. will make things better most of the time …I agree with the bugs they kinda look cool but its not really the best impression for a restaurant LOL


That most definitely IS bacon and they were phenomenal. :)


Have the best time, I’m a big fan of FL. All the food shots have me drooling and boy what I would do for a mojito right now!!!


Me too! Though just FYI, Okeechobee can be skipped. :)


That’s a riot..When we lived in Orlando for a few years (aka ‘back-filled swamp land), I had an underlying fear of that whole phallus just snapping off under the weight of all the Disney tourists and we would have no way out… Anywhooooo, wanted to share my quick and favorite appetizer recipe given to me from my old neighbor (French pastry chef…no kidding!) My Spanish mother in law does it also: just take bacon slice, cut in half and wrap around a date or prune, secure with toothpick. On a cookie sheet, broil until bacon crisp and that’s it!!! Sometimes I stuff the dates with a bit of goat cheese or manchego cheese but not necessary. This is always a favorite when I have friends over and I make a tortilla espanol to go with it. Ok…I’m hungry now gotta go… Enjoy that beautiful get away!


Oooh thank you for the recipe! Sounds delicious!! I will definitely be trying that. How have I missed this apparently very known date appetizer all of these years?!


Dates/figs stuffed with a sliver of Manchego cheese or just an almond… Also a great one! I grew up in the ‘more dried bacon bits, cream and processed cheese is better’ appetizer era so have loved experiencing such new taste combinations I never would have thought I would. It’s the sweet-savory thing my palate is appreciating.


I love figs and the idea of them wrapped in bacon, will those are some dirty thoughts!

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