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Bon Voyage

Miami, Florida. Again.

It’s SAD, but true.  (11/19/11)
I’m Still Alive. I Think.  (11/27/11)

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Rocks. Even When It’s A Blustering Ball of Freezing Wind and Rain.  (10/4/11)
I Go to Weddings for Free Booze and Cake. Oh, and Love.  (10/5/11)
I’m Pretty Sure My Dog Was the Happiest Dog  (10/13/11)

Malaga, Ibiza, & Formentera, Spain

The Thrill of Discomfort  (4/1/11)
Naked. It’s the New Black.  (4/12/11)
OMG it’s DIY BZM — BFD!  (5/25/11)
I’m Packin’… Or Not  (5/30/11)
Internet, How I’ve Missed You  (6/3/11)
Mañana Mentality  (6/7/11)
The Thing About Spain…  (6/8/11)
Um… It’s Muy, not Moi  (6/9/11)
Ain’t That a Kick in the Head  (6/13/11)
Taylor Swift Doesn’t Know What She’s Talking About  (6/16/11)
My Very First Water Party  (6/22/11)
Answers to Your BURNING Questions (Pun Intended)  (6/27/11)
Oh, the Irony  (7/15/11)

Omaha, Nebraska

Somewhere in Middle America (12/28/10)

Miami, Florida

HGTV Lies! (12/16/10)
Is That a Vagina on Your Kindle, or are You Just Happy to See Me? (12/18/10)
Casinos and Oreos and Gators – Oh My! (12/24/10)

Washington, D.C.

The Bigger, the Better. Right? (11/11/10)
When You Wish Upon a Tree (11/12/10)

Erin & Katie’s Work Exchange:  Costa Rica

Don’t Let ‘Em Drag You Down (7/3/10)
This Blog is About to get Even Better. If That’s Possible. (7/6/10)
Contemplating Waves (7/7/10)
I’m Too Sexy for my Hep Shots (7/13/10)
When Does the Fun Start? (7/19/10)
I Don’t Know Where There Is (7/28/10)
Does FEMA Make Housecalls? (8/6/10)
The Sink’s In Here Somewhere (8/8/10)
Recreational Equipment Impaired ® (8/10/10)
Meant to Be – Like Cheese Under a Mattress (8/12/10)
I’ve Got Baggage (8/20/10)
Leavin’ On A Jet Plane (8/23/10)
It’s Hot As F*ck In Chile Town (8/24/10)
Livin’ La Vida Costa (8/25/10)
Just Another Day at the Office (8/26/10)
Strange New World (8/27/10)
Ride ‘Em Cowgirls (8/29/10)
Your Tuesday Morning Pick-Me-Up  (8/31/10)
Stormy Weather (9/1/10)
The Not-So-Musical Fruit (9/2/10)
We Fixed It (9/6/10)
What’s Up, My Nicas? Part 1 (9/6/10)
What’s Up, My Nicas? Part 2 (9/7/10)
I Don’t Know Much (9/9/10)
Shut Up and Smile (9/10/10)
Ein Boot. Un Barco. Whatever – It’s a Boat. (9/11/10)
Costa Rica Is So Clique-y (9/13/10)
The Fruits of Our Labor (9/14/10)
Celebrate Good Times (9/17/10)
A Most Unexpected Visitor (9/19/10)
Eight-Legged Freaks (9/20/10)
PB and WHAT? (9/22/10)
Conversational Gems, Pt. 1 (9/23/10)
Backup Plan (9/24/10)
“But Why’s The Rum Gone?” (9/24/10)
Now I Have One Less. (9/25/10)
I’ll Take My Coffee… Mature. (9/27/10)
There’s No Place Like (a guilt-ridden) Home (9/28/10)
Writing Under the Influence (9/29/10)
Ninety-Nine Bottles of Sauce in a Box (9/30/10)
Here Comes the Sun (Doo Do Doo Dooo) (10/1/10)
Cheeseburger in Paradise (10/4/10)
Costa Rica Critter #1 (10/5/10)
Forgive Us Our Trespasses (10/5/10)
Cemented In Time (10/6/10)
Costa Rica Critter #2 (10/8/10)
Looks Like the Dog’s Had Lessons (10/11/10)
Tasting the Local Flavor (10/11/10)
What a Load of Bull (10/13/10)
Costa Rica Critter #3 (10/14/10)
Nothing Says “I Care” Like a Kitty Cat Doormat (10/15/10)
Karaoke vs. Popped Collars: A Cultural Debate (10/16/10)
Will Work for Beer (10/18/10)
We Don’t Do Autographs. (10/20/10)
Overcome. (10/21/10)
Out-of-the-Box Shock (10/23/10)
Mi Taco Es Su Taco (10/25/10)
Wal-Mart Should Make the Fourth Trip Free (10/25/10)
Costa Rica Critter #4 (10/26/10)
Chasin’ Waterfalls (10/26/10)
People Say We Monkey Around (10/28/10)

Katie’s Trip to Hawaii

Checking Out (4/14/10)
Hawaii Prep 101:  Feel the Burn (4/27/10)
Hawaii Prep 102:  Don’t Feel the Burn (5/4/10)
Do You Like Seafood? (5/10/10)
Pancakes With a Side of Kidney (5/12/10)
These Things I’ve Learned (5/13/10)
Free Fallin’ (5/15/10)
Life’s a Beach. Or Something. (5/31/10)



Hi Katie,

Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog! Your posts are full of energy and humor and your photos are fantastic! I look forward to reading more. So do you have any new trips planned?


Thank you!! I was planning a solo road trip to Texas (from NC) this summer (I know, not as exciting as Iceland or Argentina), but that has been put on hold because my husband is desperately wanting to visit his sister, who’s currently living in Spain. And, although it’s not at the top of my list, I can’t say I’d complain about Spain. ;) Now we just have to see if we can make it work financially (and maybe squeeze in a side road trip to Portugal…) What can I say? I love my road trips.

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