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Just Sayin’

Jack of All Trades (3/19/10)
Tantric What? (4/19/10)
Tragedy Strikes (5/4/10)
Showing Our Appreciation… Government-Style (5/7/10)
Choose My Own Adventure (5/24/10)
Poll Update (5/26/10)
You Know You’re Blogging Too Much When… (5/28/10)
Notice (6/3/10)
Update (6/14/10)
Don’t Go Changin’ (6/22/10)
Here I Am (Rock You Like A Hurricane) (6/22/10)
These Shoes Weren’t Made for Matchin’ (6/24/10)
A Scary (Sponge) Story (6/25/10)
Hello, I Quit. (6/29/10)
Because Words Are Lazy, Useless Slackers. (7/14/10)
You May Be Right… I May Be Crazy (7/22/10)
Well, Hello There. (7/23/10)
The Last of the Mondays (7/26/10)
Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (7/29/10)
Pop! Goes My Dignity (8/10/10)
A Coffee Story (or, How I Spent My Morning) (8/19/10)
Conversational Gems, Pt. 1 (9/23/10)
Writing Under the Influence (9/29/10)
Jell-O Head Strikes Again (11/2/10)
Saved by the Cold (11/7/10)
Dear Christmas: Screw You (11/8/10)
Is This How the Grown-Ups Do It? (11/14/10)
Up, Up and Away! (11/15/10)
I’ve Found the Perfect Job for Me… (11/17/10)
I’m Only Mean to the People I Love (11/19/10)
Turkey is a Narcotic (11/22/10)
What Are You Thankful For? (11/25/10)
Deck the Halls, If You Must. (11/27/10)
…And Then I Got In A Fight With Jesus. (11/29/10)
What Your Holiday Greeting Says About You (11/30/10)
Craigslist, You So Crazy (12/1/10)
Let’s Try this Again (12/10/10)
Hard to Admit (12/13/10)
I Could Drive a Long Long Way and Not Even Have the Gas to Make it Back (12/14/10)
Is That a Vagina on Your Kindle, or are You Just Happy to See Me? (12/18/10)
Getting into the Spirit(s) (12/23/10)
Tupac and I Have Something in Common… (12/29/10)
V is for Validation (12/31/10)
It’s Been 100 Years Since My Last Confession (1/2/11)
Reunited and it Feels So… Unnecessary (1/3/11)
Just the Tip (1/4/11)
Snow Day (1/10/11)
What? Friends Listen to Endless Love in the Dark… (1/14/11)
I Call Mulligan (1/18/11)
Interviews Bite. (1/19/11)
These Shoes (1/19/11)
While I’m In-Between (1/23/11)
Free to be You and Me.  As Long as I Like the You that You Are. (1/31/11)
Look at the Waaay… We Gotta Hide What We’re Doin’ (2/2/11)
Instant Mood Rectifiers: 001 (2/9/11)
Two Things (2/10/11)
Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post (2/10/11)
My Name is Might Have Been (2/11/11)
Decide What to Be and Go Be It (2/14/11)
Productivity is a State of Mind (2/14/11)
Up with Caffeine and Down with a Shot (2/21/11)
Some Revelations (3/1/11)
All You Ever Wanted to Know. And then Some. (3/1/11)
Because I’m Just a Waitress (3/4/11)
Why So Serious? (3/7/11)
No More the Meek and Mild Subservients, We! (3/8/11)
…and then a Style Quiz Called Me an Alcoholic (3/9/11)
Love the Girl who Holds the World in a Paper Cup  (3/12/11)
How to Remember the World is Big while Riding the Small World Ride  (3/15/11)
What? Everyone Knows I’d be a Great Mom  (3/16/11)
Where Corned Beef, Facebook, Lingonberries, and Wandering Desks Come to Play  (3/17/11)
And P.S.  (3/17/11)
So Happy Together  (3/19/11)
Turn the Page  (3/20/11)
Thank God I’m Not Alone  (3/23/11)
If Karma’s a Bitch, then I’m a Bigger Bitch  (3/29/11)
We’re Definitely Not in Kansas Anymore  (4/18/11)
Not-so-Sweet Dreams (and Flying Machines in Pieces on the Ground)  (4/18/11)
Mad Housewife My Ass  (4/22/11)
The Storm’s Movin’ In  (4/28/11)
What? There was a Wedding?  (4/29/11)
It’s a Beautiful Morning  (5/13/11)
I Still Can’t Remember How to Write. But at Least I Have Pictures.  (5/16/11)
The End of the World as We Know It  (5/21/11)
Flibbety Jibbitz  (5/23/11)
It’s Almost Like Going Back in Time  (5/27/11)
I Have People Pods.  (5/29/11)
It’s Like Yoda is the Dalai Lama but with Mad Ninja Skills  (6/14/11)
Don’t Worry — Cinderella was as Jaded as the Rest of Us  (6/15/11)
Which Came First — The Chicken, or the Beauty?  (6/20/11)
Answers to your BURNING Questions (Pun Intended)  (6/27/11)
Mischief of One Kind and Another  (6/29/11)
Chatty Cathy — er — Katie  (7/4/11)
It’s Okay to be Yourself (As Long as Everyone Likes You)  (7/6/11)
8 Simple Rules for Throwing a Baby Hot Tub Party  (7/11/11)
Skeletons in My Underwear Drawer  (7/19/11)
How to Land a Job as a Classy Hooker or Someone Who Gets to Look at Eddie Vedder’s Butt  (7/22/11)
Cart Thieves, Cauliflower, and an Ethical Dilemma  (7/25/11)
Maybe You Can’t Turn it on a Dime, but it Can, I’m Positive, Be Turned  (7/27/11)
Expecting My Pulitzer Any Day Now…  (7/28/11)
Little Victories and a Way to Streamline Your Procrastination  (7/29/11)
What Did I Tell Ya?  (8/3/11)
Welcome to the Country: Where No One Can Hear You Scream  (8/5/11)
Perfectly Imperfect  (8/8/11)
I’m Workin’ 9-5. Then 7-8:30, then 10-6, then — Why is My Favorite Chinese Place Closed??  (8/11/11)
Value is Subjective when it comes to Money, Time, and Peace of Mind(lessness)  (8/14/11)
The Momentum of Mediocrity — My Race Against Life  (8/18/11)
There’s a Reason You Can’t Have 2 Alphas. No One Likes to Clean Up Blood.  (8/22/11)
A Domestiphobe’s Top 3 Underrated Chick Flicks of All Time (Or at Least What I Could Think of During 5 Minutes of Brainstorming)  (8/27/11)
Work is Tough and I Can’t Even Eat a Baby Burrito  (9/1/11)
Maybe if Babies Came with a Jar of Kalamatas and a 6-Pack, then I’d Want One?  (9/5/11)
If This Were a Status Update on Facebook, You Would Have Blocked Me By Now  (9/16/11)
“Excuse me, does that skin come in a size 6? I’m starting to put on my winter weight.”  (9/22/11)
Apparently Neurosis is Cute if Your Hair is Red. If it’s Brown, You’re Just Crazy.  (9/25/11)
Home is the Last Place You Dropped Your Luggage  (9/27/11)
One of These Things is Not Like the Others  (9/29/11)
I Go to Weddings for Free Booze and Cake. Oh, and Love.  (10/5/11)
I Love Beans. Just Not in My Coffee Cup.  (10/6/11)
Are You A Sad Dog, or A Happy Dog?  (10/11/11)
They Say that Wisdom Comes with Age. I Hope That’s No Lie.  (10/12/11)
Ode to the Good Stuff  (10/16/11)
My First 29th Was A Good One.  (10/17/11)
Sticks ‘n Stones…  (10/19/11)
And That is Why Heads is Better than Tails  (10/20/11)
If It Was Easy, It Would Just Be The Way.  (10/25/11)
Does This Kind of Thing Only Happen to Me?  (10/28/11)
Petition to Re-Label Halloween the Holiday of Hope and Good Cheer. I’m Not Even Joking.  (11/1/11)
This Gives Comfort Food A Whole New Meaning.  (11/4/11)
Here’s the Thing about the Woods.  (11/7/11)
“Hey, Baby — I Don’t Care About Signs. What’s Your Mood?”  (11/9/11)
Peace, Love, and… Who the F* is Kim Kardashian?  (11/14/11)
Black Friday, Indeed.  (11/29/11)
I’m Dreaming of a Working Electronic Device  (12/2/11)

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