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Gotta Love ‘Em

When I was talking (okay more like gloating) the other day about our big Hawaii Adventure 2010, I mentioned we recently traveled “up north” – Minnesota and Wisconsin to be exact – to visit some of my family over Easter weekend.  

Minneapolis Suburbs


It was an interesting experience for me because, even though the hubs and I have lived together for nearly seven years, he only met my extended family on my dad’s side once.  In the third year.  At our wedding.  Suffice to say, they didn’t get a lot of quality time.  

So this visit was very  important to me.  Even more, it was scary.  I’ll admit I was worried that they wouldn’t like him, or he wouldn’t like them, or that seeing this “new” side of my life would somehow negatively distort his image of what makes me… me.  

But it actually was pretty nice.  

I got to see my old Minneapolis stomping grounds…  



My old, old house (before my family moved to Nebraska)…  

Kates Old Old House
The window treatments are the same as my family left them 13 years ago...


and my old, old, old house.  

Kates old old old house


I saw my dad…  

Kates Dad


My grandma…  

Kates Grandma


and my other grandma.  

Kates other grandma


The hubs was able to fix some much-needed things around her house.  And, I got her signed up on Facebook!  Hey, just rounding out my social network…  

Fixing grandmas fan


My cousins and their families are so beautiful.  

Kates Family


I can’t believe how much has changed…  

Kates Family


Kates Family


And how much has stayed the same.  

Kates Family


You know what was weird?  

The hubs sleeping at my grandma’s house.  With me in the bed I used to share with my sister when we were little.  It was messin’ up my nostalgic mojo a bit…  

And I know you most likely don’t know any of these people, so if you’re still reading this, thank you.  I promise the next post will be about something useful.  

But I wanted to share that I learned that you can go home again.  

It’s just that most of it won’t look the way you remember.  It will look even better.  

So that’s my little introspective rant.  

Oh and I saw cows.  



And this.  

Kates Grandma


Some things never change…  

Are you close to your extended families?  Wish you could see them more often?  Wish you could see them less?  Feel free to share!


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Very close to my family, and very glad to be HOME! And by HOME, I mean my very own house that is 1.8 miles from my parents driveway. The house that will always and forever be my HOME. Has been HOME for the last (can’t believe I’m saying this…)30 years. Blah! Can’t imagine being any where else. Family is the most important thing in my life. My nephew means the world to me. My great grandma is the cutest thing ever. And, I have great aunt’s that are my best friends!



love the blog. love the pics. and your grandma is too stinkin’ cute!


Thanks Rachel!! It must be so nice to live so close to family – especially since you get to see your nephew grow up. And your aunts sound so fun!


Ah, Minnesota. Where I’m from, too. We try to get back every other year – and go up to the cabin, dontcha know? It’s my paradise on earth…*sigh* Glad you had a good time. :-)


Beth, oh I know! I sometimes forget how beautiful it is up there with all of the lakes and trees. And I can breathe so much better without my allergies going nuts. But then I remember the giant mosquitoes and am a little bit happy to head back to NC. :)


Katie, you have to try strawberry rhubarb pie. One of my favorite things and you’ll be glad you planted it. Hope everything turns out, things look good.


Steve, that might actually be the pie the hubs was talking about making. I’ll be sure to post a pic if our rhubarb turns out edible!


Love the pics! Exspecially the one of Justin with Jack! Justin fits perfect into our family and no worries were needed. I just hope we can all get together a lil more in the next few years!!! And wish Kelly could have joined us :0( Hey ya gonna send me a disk??? Lol! Whenever you can. I like the pic of Gram and I too :0) Would love all the ones from your visit to Sparta! Can maybe put something together for Grandma….


Oh crap I completely forgot about the disk!! Send me your address and I will send you the disk. ;)

We had SO much fun – just not enough time. And maybe next time I can drag Kel up there as well. It was so good to see you!!

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