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Do you Like Seafood?

I do.

Love it.

Especially when it comes from a van.

Shrimp Van

You heard me.

Up on the North Shore of Oahu, you can eat shrimp right out of a van.

Shrimp Van

Well, it’s cooked in the van, and grown in ponds beside the road.  You eat it outside.  On picnic tables.

They have all kinds of delicious flavors, like spicy garlic butter:

Spicy Garlic Butter Shrimp

And regular garlic butter:

Garlic Butter Shrimp

And crispy coconut:

Coconut Shrimp

My uncle ordered the tempura (which is basically lightly battered and fried).  Unfortunately he ate it all before I could snap a photo.

But the point is, this is about as fresh as you can get.  And delicious.

North Shore Shrimp

I guess this just goes to show that you can’t judge a restaurant by its cover.

Shrimp Van

Or its hub caps.


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