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Riddle Me This

Does anyone know why one side of my garden would grow faster than the other side?

On the right side, the plants (most of them) are still living.  The iceberg lettuce and red bell pepper plants in the middle look slightly bigger than when we first planted them, but I feel like they’re still hesitant to make themselves at home.

Raised Garden Bed

The parsley in the lower-right corner doesn’t look too bad, but the basil in the upper-right corner doesn’t seem to be in much of a hurry to do anything at all.

Now take a look at the left side:

Raised Garden Bed

Check out that basil in the upper-left corner!  Same type as the basil in the upper-right corner, but it’s growing much, much faster.

And see how much bigger the green bell peppers in the middle are compared to the red bell peppers on the right side?

Little Red Peppers
Little red bell peppers
Big Green Peppers
Big green bell peppers

Is this some sort of conspiracy?

Same thing with the tomatoes.

Small Tomatoes
Itty-witty baby tomato plant (right)
Big Tomato Plant
Big, giant monster tomato plant (left)

I have arugula and romaine lettuce on the left side.  It appears to be thriving.

Arugula and Romaine

Especially compared to these piddly little iceberg greens on the right.

Iceberg Lettuce

Could this have something to do with the fact that I’m left-handed?

This is seriously flabbergasting, people.

Same amount of sun, same amount of water.

I. Don’t. Get. it.



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Did you have a mix of soil you used? By that I mean more than one kind? Maybe it was not all mixed together and one happened to have better fertilizer content than the other. Other than that, beats me. :-) It could possibly be the left hand thingy.


I think you might be right… we did use more than one kind, and I guess we didn’t mix it very well. I wish I knew which kind was on the left!! :)

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