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This is Why My Sh*t Don’t Stink

Last Christmas our neighbors gave us an interesting gift.

Poo Pourri

Poo-Pourri.  This is probably the most intimate gift in nature I’ve received from someone with whom I’m not… well… intimate.

It obviously was intended as a gag gift (you know, so I can go into the bathroom after the hubs leaves without gagging).


I laughed it off and actually set it on top of the toilet bowl in the guest bathroom during my toilet-decorating frenzy.  Little did I know that this tiny bottle of Poo-Pourri really would seem “heaven-scent” a few months later when I contracted an awful stomach virus.

I’m tellin’ you… it’s much better sticking your head in a bowl that smells like Poo-Pourri than… poo.

Too much information?

Thought so.

Sorry about that.  I’m human.  Sometimes we smell.

The point is, this stuff is incredible.  You actually spritz some into the toilet water before you do your business, and it quite literally prevents your sh*t from stinking.

Ingenious!  Especially if you have overnight guests and only one bathroom – or a bathroom right off the main hallway, like ours.  It leaves behind a subtle scent – not that obvious I-just-pooed-so-I-sprayed-half-a-bottle-of-air-freshener-into-your-bathroom smell.

If you’re interested, you can order some here.

I didn’t know realize when I received it, but the little tag at the top of the bottle was right:


Expect miracles.


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Uncle Mark

I’ll expect one under our Christmas Tree this year. I know I’ll appreciate, and I,m positive your Aunt Ruth will love it..:)


Ha! I will definitely keep that in mind. I should’ve brought some when we came since I was sharing a bathroom with Scott!


Okay. So far, most brilliant post I’ve read so far (probably because I’m bored at work and ready for 2:30 to roll around). I especially like you follow this up with a recipe…:)


You know me… classy with a capital K. ;)

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