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Our Family’s Newest Addition

(Warning:  This post contains pictures that may not be suitable for readers who are easily grossed out by filthy kitchens.  And if you are one of those easily grossed-out readers… well…  mayhaps this blog is not for you.)

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to announce the newest addition to our family!

I came home from work yesterday evening and imagine my surprise to find this little guy waiting for me…

Well, hi there, lil’ fella! 

Apparently, while I was hard at work earning money to feed their chubby, slacker faces, the cats spent the day working like West Virginia coalminers to excavate what might possibly be the world’s largest dust bunny from under our fridge.

This is all extremely fascinating, I’m hearing you say.  But, tell us, exactly how big is it?

Allow me to defer to the fine folks at Centrum Multivitamins to put “the sitch” into perspective for you, gentle reader.

That is a 100-count bottle, by the way.

For your further elucidation, here are a few other random nearby objects I scrounged up for comparison, so that you may truly appreciate the beastly magnitude of what we are dealing with here.

I keep my high school combination lock handy for just such an occasion.

I must admit, I was a bit overwhelmed at first since we hadn’t really even talked about getting another pet.

But, after spending a little time getting to know each other, the little guy’s just so fluffy and well-behaved that I’ve really come to view it as part of the family.  And, hopefully, in time, the hubs will learn to love it as much as I do.

For the record, I’ve decided on the name McFluffin’ (shout out to Superbad!) and have already made an appointment for next week to get all the necessary shots.

On a side note: Perhaps I should clean under the fridge more often.

I’m going to go scrub myself vigorously with a wire brush now.




Erin, your blogs crack me up! When are you going to drag your ass to Baltimore to play? I think that McGov, Kink and your sparkly blue mirrored halter top could use a reunion. You’re like an hour away!


Haha, first let me make sure I’ve still got the matching sparkly blue eyeshadow and chunky black flip-flops, cause you can’t just half-ass that look. I know, I haven’t really ventured out of Frederick a lot so as soon as I can find Baltimore on a map, I say we should totally get together!


McFluffin’ sounds too much like an off-camera porn worker’s nickname…I’m guessing.


Haha, Katie was the one who first told me about that term. Not sure how she learned it either. :)


You don’t wanna know since you’re about to be spending a LOT of quality time with me. ;)


Allow me to reiterate Tuesday’s sentiments…


Haha, don’t let me stop you. You feel free to tell me as often as you want how awesome I am. ;)


Those are ghost turds – your house is haunted!


I WISH it was that instead of a disgusting smorgasbord of cathair and whatever else lives under our fridge…

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