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I’ve Got Baggage

Today we’re making the seven-hour road trip up to Maryland to see our dear friends Erin and Chuckles.  From there, Erin and I will fly to Costa Rica in a couple of days.  I’m all packed and ready to go (I think), and all I can do now is sit here twiddling my thumbs waiting for the hubs to get off work.


I think I’ve forgotten what that is…

All I know is that I’ve managed to squeeze my life into two bags.  My entire world, for 2 months, will look like this:

Travel Bags

For 2 months, these two bags will function as my closet, bathroom vanity, library, pharmacy, “home” office, and primary source of neck and shoulder pain.

As you can see, I have left no room for souvenirs.  That’s why they invented digital photography, memory cards, and the post office.

Packing light is not my forte.

Regardless, how do I feel about the fact that my life has been condensed to a couple of backpacks?

Pretty.  Damn.  Liberated.


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I’m soooo excited for you! Can you believe the time has finally come? I’ll be thinking of you & wishing you well as I head off for my first day of school on Monday – kinda funny we’re all donning backpacks! Bon voyage…farewell and good luck!


Can’t believe we’re here! Hope you’re enjoying school Stacy!!!

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