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We Don’t Do Autographs.

While Erin and I are out gallavanting around Costa Rica trying to squeeze in at least a couple of touristy-type adventures during our last couple of days here – mastering the art of maneuvering public transportation, rappelling down waterfalls, petting monkeys (HEY!  I said petting monkeys, not petting the monkey – get your mind out of the gutter), I want you to take a moment to recognize that we are now officially famous in Costa Rica.

That’s right.  You heard me.


With a capital F.  And AMOUS.

Remember Erin’s little write-up about our trip to a Tex-Mex joint in a town called Tilaran?  Well, she sent the link to Jason, the restaurant’s owner, and he liked the post so much that he sent it on to… wait for it… The Tico Times!

That’s right – a link to our blog has now been officially noted in a Costa Rica publication.  Considering we’ve never been mentioned in a U.S. publication, I’m going to take this as a sign that we need to move here permanently.

Just sayin’.

And okay, maybe a few of the journalistic facts were slightly misrepresented in The Link’s accompanying article (we traveled from Bagaces, not La Fortuna, and clearly we’re NOT tourists since – duh – we live here… okay at least for 2 more days), we’re incredibly excited about the shout-out, nonetheless.  And I suppose we can’t give them too much crap considering Erin used the old restaurant name in her post – a fact the Tico Times author is only too quick to mention.  In her defense the restaurant’s website still goes by the old name.

And while the insanely inaccurate article managed to stimulate what I’m estimating to be approximately zero blog hits, it’s really the publication that counts.

Because really – what’s National Geographic compared to the Tico Times??

And wait… maybe it’s pet the kitty, not pet the monkey.  I was converting the euphemism to a Costa Rican animal.  Does that mean I’m now fluent in Spanish?


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cindy and jason

Hey, there FAMOUS duo – Katie and Erin! Your blogs are super entertaining. Such great wit! I think you all should look into having your own TV show where you travel the world and get into mischief. Or be writers for SNL – they need some fresh perspective.
And since you have pointed out my website blunder – leaving our old site still up – It was supposed to automatically link to the new site. Oh well, too many cervezas will be my excuse and I am sticking to it. We are doing some major remodeling – so you have to come back and do another visit.
Aaron with Chile Town is going to bring us a chic display and some of his sauces to sell!!! It was truly kismet you two visited!


Ha, I think the TV show is a fantastic idea! Know anyone with the Travel Channel or Food Network? ;)

By the way, too many cervezas is MY fall-back excuse, so you’re just going to have to come up with another one. I can’t believe you’re remodeling! We think your place is amazing as-is, but we will DEFINITELY check it out if we get back to the area (which I hope we do!).

We’re so glad we got to meet the two of you and that you were kind enough to entertain us for pretty much an entire day. And that’s exciting news about the hot sauce – I bet it will be a hit! Thanks for sending our link to the Tico Times – it’s seriously one of the most exciting things that’s happened to us. :) So glad you’re reading the blog!

Mom and Pop McDermott

The real question is: How do you make $$ writing a blog? Another question is: Is “petting the kitty” what we think it is?


If I knew that, trust me – we’d be trying to do it. :) And I totally realized I messed up – It’s SPANK the monkey, not pet the kitty. Though I’m sure that euphemism would work as well. I’m gonna go ahead and let you google that one… just look it up on a public computer. ;)


That is really cool to get your blog noted like that sorry to hear your adventure is almost at an end by the sound of it your having a blast and could stay much longer .

Wishing you success and the best days


We ARE having a blast! And while I’m looking forward to being home, a huge part of me is going to be wishing we had stayed at least another month. There’s so much left to do, you know?

But don’t go anywhere – we’ll still be keeping up with the blog. The focus might change a bit, but we’re always looking for new adventures. :)

Christie Lowery

Wow! Can you two sign my IRP attendee list now that ya’ll are big famous, world-traveling, multi-lingual, food connoisseur, journalist?


Umm… did you see the title of the post?

But maybe just for you. ;)

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