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We’re back in our comfortable apartment – the place we’ve called home for the past 2 months – for the last time.  Costa Rica showed us a proper goodbye, complete with a 2-mile, dirt road walk at dusk in the pouring rain to our favorite open-air bar/restaurant, Kattia’s.

We met some of our closest friends here for dinner and a few last cervezas.  We spent the last of our money. I spent the last of my smiles.  At least for a little while.

There are so many people to whom we didn’t say goodbye.  And the truth is, most of them won’t miss us much at all.  They’re used to seeing people come and go.

But me?

I’m overcome.  I saved my tears for now, while Erin’s in the shower and I should be finishing up my packing.  I’m never on-time, anyway.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do when I get home.  Figure it out, I guess.  Plan the next trip.

We have many more stories to share from our trip here – from our waterfall rappelling adventure to the best tacos in the entire frickin’ world, it’s coming soon.  But now I need to try to chase my sleep, even though I know the race is fixed.  It’s an early morning tomorrow and a long day of travel.

My body’s beat, and my emotions are raw.  I’ve never experienced the two spectrums of happiness and sadness at such simultaneous extremes, and it scares me a little.

We’ll see what happens, no?  Thanks for sticking around.

We’ll miss you, Bagaces – and the rest of you.  You know who you are.


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Jeremiah LeBlanc

Hey you:

Very well stated as per “usual” : ) Yeah, sounds like a very interesting place in this moment. I can only look forward to hearing of all the wonderful blessings & lessons in this great journey!

Peace to you till next time….



Aw, thanks Jeremiah! I was incredibly sad when I wrote that, and I think it’s sticking with me a little. Looks like I need to start figuring some things out!


Very touching post I am really not sure what to say but to send you both thoughts of support and wish you a safe return trip.

Speaking for myself the way in which you both have shared you really have brought the essence of your trip alive with your words and I look forward to the other posts you have in store for us.

wishing you success and the best days


That is such a nice compliment! (Could you tell us your name, so we don’t need to address you as Incomepowerboost? :)

We definitely still have more stories to share – just have to start sifting through the hundreds of pictures. A blogger’s work is never done!


yea I haven’t updated my profile much ill get around to it one of these days lol Its Eugene :)

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