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Today Erin’s an OldER Lady

That’s right, folks – In an effort to maintain the lovely little tradition Erin started a couple of weeks ago, it’s time to plaster the internet with grainy (and hopefully somewhat embarrassing) photos from Erin’s youth.


Well, exactly 29 years ago TODAY, sunny-smiled, freckle-faced, chipmunk-cheeked baby Erin graced the world with her presence.

Okay, she wasn’t quite THIS big when she pushed her way in, but you get the idea.

And she’s been wreaking havoc ever since.

Don’t let the innocent baby face fool you. She may have appeared timid at first…

Who, me?

But with 2 older brothers, it didn’t take her long to learn the merits of pure intimidation.


(And it’s clear she hasn’t changed much over the years.)

Compassionate and caring, she’s never been afraid to try walking in someone else’s shoes.

Ever the outdoor-enthusiast, she doesn’t let the elements get in her way.

It’s ALWAYS important to travel with the proper gear.

And her patriotic support of our nation began long before she married a military man.

What’s more patriotic than a tri-corner hat?

Her appreciation for fine cuisine stemmed from an early age as well…

This is why I had to padlock our fridge in Costa Rica.

Along with her insatiable passion for travel to unknown lands.

I will go where no baby has gone before.

You’d think that after 29 years on this planet, a person might change.   But looking at these photos from her childhood, it’s clear that Erin still is and always will be the compassionate, adventurous, wanderlust, food-loving girl she was when she first pushed her way into this world.

And while her brother Kevin knows she needs a little help forcing her way through a concert crowd from time to time, we all have to admit that she’s been doing a pretty damn good job of forging her own way through the world ever since.


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Happy Birthday Erin! Hope you have a great year and your dreams continue to come true.

Wishing you success and the best days.

the other Mrs. Barstow

Well said, Katie!!! You hit THAT nail on the head, haha. Love your wit and charm. And Erin, too. Who doesn’t love HER?? I know she’s having a fabulous birthday thanks to friends like you!!


Thanks, guys! And I still have that tiger costume if anyone’s curious… :)

Mom and Pop

How come you glazed over the criminal past of the party girl? Tu wit, at the age of three, she keyed a neighbor’s Corvette and compounded the felony by etching her name on the door (couldn’t hardly escape punishment on this one although we did give her credit for spelling her name correctly), and on her high school graduation night she and her posse invaded her darkened school to run amok down its halls until cornered and captured by the local constabulary. Oh yes, folks, there is a much darker side to this girl — trust us, we know the WHOLE story.


That’s the problem with this blog business… if there are no pictures, it didn’t happen. So next time send me the proof. ;)


Hush it parents, or I’ll put you in that nursing home early. ;)

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