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Reunited, and it Feels So… Unnecessary.

*Okay, since my post about my mom’s so-called “holiday” letter has stirred up some grumblings, I just – real quick – want to be clear: My mom has assured me that she did not intend the email to be a family holiday letter, but rather an update to friends and family about what had happened in their lives over the past year.  Since I didn’t visit, it’s only natural I wasn’t in the letter.  And I assured her, in turn, that I hadn’t intended my post to be a public slamming about her letter.  The post was about ME and how MY resolution was inspired by her letter.  Capiche?

Now back to your regularly scheduled post.

Oh. My. God.

Today I got THE notice.

You know which one I’m talking about.

And if you don’t know which one I’m talking about, you are still a young person and it’s possible that I hate you.

Not really.

But I could.

The notice I received was that a girl with whom I attended high school (HEY Ashley!) added me to the Class of 2001 Ten Year Reunion Group on Facebook.


You know, it figures.  Just when I realize I need to start getting things figured out, they pull this on me.  It’s like, hey, why don’t you throw yourself into a room full of people who graduated at the same time as you and count how many are more successful than you – you know, the ones who actually have viable careers… children… Medals of frickin’ Honor.  Whatever.

Like it’s a bad thing I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

I mean, as far as I’m concerned, it’s my high school’s fault that I haven’t decided yet.  You spent all that time teaching and preparing and counseling, but where’s the follow-up?  Ten years after I graduated?  Is a company going to invest time and money into training a new employee and then check back ten years later to see how he’s doing?  I think not.

The reunion is in Omaha in the middle of the summer, so there’s basically no chance that I’m attending.  I have too many other places to see to bother with Omaha more than once every couple of years.  Although, the one redeeming benefit I could see in going is to show off the fact that my boobies finally grew in (quite nicely, I might add) when I was 18.  Although I doubt anyone would recognize me anyway without my glasses and braces.


Truth is, I actually had a pretty fantastic graduating class.  From what I remember.  It’s just that I didn’t spend much time with them during my senior year.  I was too busy hanging with the Best Buy crew (where I worked 25-30 hours per week).  There were over 500 people in my class, so obviously I didn’t know all of them, but most of the ones I did associate with during school hours were pretty great people.  And from what I can see on Facebook, many of them still are.

Interesting note:  I met the guy who sat next to me during graduation for the first time at graduation rehearsal.  It’s too bad – he seemed pretty nice.

Anyway.  Do people still go to reunions anymore?  It seems like with the invention of Facebook, I can happily sit in the comfort of my own home and quietly creep on my former classmates without actually having to talk to them.  And anyone who wants to talk to me can just chat me up or drop in for a visit.  I’m open like that.

True, Facebook stalking only allows me to see what my former classmates want me to see, but do I really want to see anything they don’t want me to see?  Probably not.

I’m content in my ignorance.



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haha…sorry to burden you! :)


Thanks for causing me all this undue stress! ;)

Dennis Hong

Don’t feel bad. I have my 20-year reunion coming up in a few years. And I won’t even (or, I really really really hope I don’t) have any newly grown in boobies to show off….

Christie Lowery

I don’t know Hong, but thats really funny!


Christie, Dennis is one of the talented contributing writers on a very entertaining relationship blog called Musings on Life and Love. When you get time, check it out!

Dennis Hong

Hey, thanks for the plug, Katie!

Christie, I’m glad my moobies are able to make you laugh. :-;


Well I wouldn’t want to “show them off” so much as use them as a strategic distraction from the fact that I don’t really have any other quantifiable accomplishments at the moment. So don’t worry, Dennis – you still have time to work on them. ;)

Dennis Hong

I’m trying, but those chocolate cakes only go straight to my hips.


Marisa Wikramanayake

OMG! Same thing happened to me and I – the person who was never concerned about age – is going “FTW? They are all married, with kids and houses and jobs and things…”

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