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I Call Mulligan

Well, it’s official.

Today I’ve committed myself.  And no, I’m not currently surrounded by men in clean white coats who are coming to take me away.

I’ve committed myself to applying for a job.  Not a job job, but just a job.  You know, something that will get me out of the house and interacting with creatures who walk on less than 4 legs and don’t lick my face by way of greeting.

It’s the kind of job I’ve done before – back when I was still going to school and thought I was working towards something better.

Turns out that “better” is a state of mind.

If only I’d known that before all those student loans, huh?

There are several things I plan on doing before I muster the nerve to go out and let someone tell me whether or not I’m good enough.  I still need to finish this blog post, work out, shower, start some laundry, and make myself somewhat presentable for immersion in the outside world.  It’s been awhile, but I’m pretty sure I remember that the outside world doesn’t appreciate bare feet, outdated glasses, and dog hair covered peacoats.  So these things I need to remedy before I leave.

And while I’m doing these things, I know the fear will start to creep into my system.  I’m a fairly confident person.  I’m not easily shaken.  But what if – what if – this is the time when they finally tell me to grow up?  They don’t want me for this job?  I have too much experience?  Why on earth would you want to come back to this when you’ve had some of that?

I won’t know what to say.  Maybe for the first time ever.

And that scares the hell out of me.

So please wish me luck.  For the sake of mulligans.  Do-overs.  New beginnings.  Whatever you want to call it.  This isn’t something I want to do forever.  I’m just dipping my toes.  But apparently I’m dipping them with my socks on because, like I said, the outside world – especially the food service industry – doesn’t appreciate bare feet.

Holy crap, what am I doing?


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Dennis Hong

Good luck, and don’t forget your hairnet!


Good luck Katie! You’ll be awesome at whatever you decide to do. If it happens to involve serving food and/or alcohol you better holler at me ASAP!


My little piece of advice…make sure it is something you will at least enjoy. I thought when I took my part-time at Target it would be fine (with my high school years of experience at another department store)…I was wrong. I didn’t like going into work…it wasn’t the same.

Just a little perspective to freak you out even more ;)

Though I hear food service is much more of a community so I know you’ll be fine.


I agree – pick somewhere you at least like shopping, and it could end up being super duper fun…and think about / present it to them like this: They’re getting a helluva deal by hiring you! If you calculate what you were making per hour at PLI (had you been hourly instead of salaried), then consider what they offer (like 8 bucks or whatever), they can feel awesome for getting so much bang for their buck!

When I applied to the coffee shop, the lady was totally understanding when I said, “I just want to look forward to coming into work, for a change.” She got it. You’re gonna do great, and they’re gonna be stoked to have an employee like you.


Good luck! The outside world will be lucky to have you :)


Thanks everyone! Yes, food service is quite different from retail. Think of the movie Waiting. It’s that – exactly. Stace, I like your approach. ;)

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