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Two Things:

1.  I don’t really miss making money.  Not that much.  I miss being good at my job, and I miss many of my old co-workers (a fact that was only emphasized last night when I was able to spend some quality time with them).

But the money?  Only when I have to do things I’d rather pay someone else to do.  Like clip my dogs’ nails.  Because while my dogs are really actually very good about letting me do it, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still terrible with a nail file.  And then things like this happen:

Okay.  It doesn’t look that bad.  But it’s really hard to set the aperture and shutter speed while picking a focal point all with one hand because you’re trying to take a picture of the underside of your other arm reflected in a mirror, all while trying not to make your typical, scrunchy “concentration face.”  But it does look a tad more gnarly in person.

2.  Check back this afternoon, because I’m going to be writing a post about Valentine’s Day.  Because, you know – it’s like my favorite. Holiday. Ever. (Riiiiiight.)  I don’t really want to do it.  But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from the world of blogging this week, it’s that V-Day is not to be avoided.  Especially when you have a story that involves tacky t-shirts, broken dreams, and Carmen Electra.


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