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Fake it ‘Till We Make it

Oh, boy.

Do I have a treat for you.

Have you ever had a mild panic attack when you realize people are coming to your house – people who might expect food – people who might expect cutsie, bite-sized, appetizer-ish food – and you pretty much can’t stand the idea of going through the work of assembling a million crab-and shrimp stuffed tartlets and mini cheese quiches?

Not that you would ever do that anyway, but you get my point.

So it’s a good thing for us that we can fake it.

I’ve discovered a tasty little treat (I actually might have ripped it off from a restaurant) that is so simple and so impressive and so delicious that you might just find yourself throwing it together for lunch on a lazy, rainy, Sunday afternoon while you sip wine and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Not that I would ever do that.

Except for maybe today and every lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon from here on out.

You only need a few ingredients to make this twist on a mozzarella caprese salad:

  • Some type of French or Italian bread
  • Butter or margarine
  • Garlic powder
  • Fresh mozzarella cheese (We’re talkin’ the ball of wet stuff – you can get it in the specialty cheese area of most grocery stores)
  • Fresh basil
  • Roma tomato
  • Balsamic glaze (this is something I found at my nicer grocery store.  I suppose you could use any brand, but I use H.T. Trader’s from Harris Teeter.  I found it where they sell the balsamic and other flavored vinaigrettes.)

1.  Slice and toast the bread.

2.  Spread a small amount of margarine or butter over the top and sprinkle with garlic powder.  (You could broil the bread with the margarine and garlic powder if you want to get all fancy, but my method works fine if you’re just making a small amount.)

3.  Place a slice of mozzarella and a slice of tomato on top of the bread.  Drizzle with the balsamic glaze, then sprinkle some chopped basil over the top.


It’s that simple.  And it really does taste spectacular.

Anybody can make this and seriously impress some people.

Especially if you don’t show them the bottle of balsamic glaze.


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Sweets…love the idea, but try the balsalmic glace from scratch…much much better. Take the balsalmic Vinegar and add a little sugar, then cook it down till the stuff coats the spoon and sticks on it…much better. Margarine? Try a local butter instead, a 9 will become a 10


I’m with you 100% on this, Matty. I like to try making most things from scratch, and knowing now that the balsamic glaze is so easy to make, I can’t see buying the bottled stuff again. I guess the point was to show how quickly something company-worthy can be thrown together without extra work. ;)

And I’m definitely a butter girl myself, but in a pinch, spreadable margarine will work as a last minute fix. Although I’m going to have to figure out where I can get a local butter – I’d definitely like to try that. Thanks for the tips!


NO worries honey…here is some troof roof…we are all about some Sandra Lee action(hate that she even gets mention that little souless bitch)…but in a pinch pre-made works for 95% of the drone guests. Homemade makes it only for the hosts and about 5% of the appreciators…hence why Dirk and Alaina always come…they are the 5%…thank god! Regarding the Balsalmic…don’t cook it too much, it will turn into bark/toffee

Dennis Hong

When this happens to me, I usually resort to shots. ;-)


I wouldn’t call shots a “resort,” but I have full confidence that you, as a rocket scientist or astrophysicist or whatever you are, can make these. ;)




YOU can make these, Ted! :)


Yum! These look like a must make for those times when people just show up in our backyard. (We have an inground pool w/ diving board, and people just show up when the mercury is >90) Can’t wait til summer when the tomatoes & basil will be coming fresh from the garden. Thanks for sharing.


Yes! The only problem is keeping fresh mozzarella in your fridge. But, like I said, these are good to snack on yourself – so you can always use of the mozzarella, even if visitors don’t show.

Now. When can I come swimming??!


Oooh…Really could have used this on Friday when we had DD’s future in-laws over for the first time!


Hah, sorry I was late! You’ll have to impress them with these next time. ;)

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