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If Karma’s a Bitch, then I’m a Bigger Bitch.

You know what?

I am thoroughly confused right now, because I’ve always believed in karma or at least that karma-esque things can happen, meaning if you send good vibes out into the universe, the universe will send you good vibes in return.

So imagine my surprise when I could have turned all piss ‘n vinegar this morning when my neighbor woke me up by calling me on her drive to work because she was worried she’d left her hair straightener plugged in and she’d end up burning down her house while her husband’s deployed and he’d never trust her to use hot things again and would I please, please go check and instead of getting mad, I remembered that I had told myself I’d be getting up at 7:00 from now on anyway and it was already 7:15 and it wasn’t so bad putting on a sweater and shuffling across the street because I got to see this:

and I thought it was really pretty and I wanted to steal a cup of coffee from my neighbor because her kitchen smelled so good but I didn’t because I didn’t know how to work her Keurig and oh yeah that would’ve been wrong so I was feeling pretty good about myself when I got home and started thawing out in my kitchen (and I even found an old-ish but still good container of yummy-flavored coffee her Keurig had me craving instead of my usual plain stuff and it didn’t even matter that it was decaf – although why would I have ever bought decaf? – because I’ve been trying to wean off the stuff anyway) but I felt good because I’d made the choice to be happy this morning and it worked and then it was time to let the dogs in from the yard.

Then – then – I slammed my finger in the storm door.

I’m still not sure how it happened.

Or why it happened.

And now I know where they got the term burst my bubble because that’s exactly what happened.  My happy little morning bubble popped just like that and sent soapy splatters across the kitchen as I sent every curse word imaginable – in English, German and Spanish for good measure – out into the universe, because you know what, Universe?  If you’re going to send shit my way for absolutely no reason whatsoever, I’m going to send it right. back. atcha, sista.

So check yourself.

*I will have another post for you sometime today.  But I think it’s best for everyone that I wait a bit to build up the bubble again as I try to work things out with karma, sip my flavored coffee, remember once again why I stopped drinking that stuff to begin with, and wait for the throbbing in my finger to subside.

Thank you for your patience.


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Beautiful sunrise! Add a smidge of Jameson, Three Olives Espresso, or my new personal fave Bailey’s Caramel to your coffee, and pop a hello kitty bandaid on your finger. Doctor’s orders. Hope your finger feels better.


Doh! Why didn’t I think of that before I drank the coffee?? You are a super mom. ;)

And Bailey’s with caramel? I need to get some of that asap!


I love that you had an internal discussion about the coffee. :)


How do you know it wasn’t out loud? I talk to myself because I’m alone a lot. ;)


Sort of.


Hmmm, that sucks about the finger, but maybe that just means something better is going to happed to you later on today! Think of it that way.

That being said…a Keurig?– really?– you don’t know how to work a Keurig? It’s only the most simple coffee maker of all time and requires you to open the top, slide in a Keurig cup, close the top, press 1 button, then– viola!– sweat savory coffee in your mug in maybe 30 seconds with absolutely no mess of pesty coffee grounds all over the counter (so no evidence to your neighbor).

Sounds like you should invest in one. Yup, I’d say so. :)


Yes! Like maybe the grocery store will have everything I need for dinner or maybe the dogs won’t see a squirrel and drag me across the pavement when I walk them today. I lead such a glamorous life. ;)

Oh, you and your fancy, schmancy coffee machines. What happened to good old fashioned makers with carafes where you can use t.p. as filters when you run out? And I’m going to bet that you at least have to add water to a Keurig, no?? But yeah… the one mug thing would be nice considering I’m the only coffee drinker in the house…


Ouch! I can’t believe that the universe sent you a hurt finger when you so nicely crawled out of bed to check your neighbor’s hair straightener…at 7 in the morning. That warranted winning the lottery at least.

I’m trying to enjoy early mornings more so thanks for posting that picture of the sunrise :) I’m still cranky most of the time, but it’s nice to know that we’re in this together.


Haha, the thing is, this USED to not be a problem for me! But now I’m finding it harder and harder to get up. I think it will be better though once the weather is officially nicer… :)


Hope your day gets better! :)


Thank you! And thanks for the link to my post about the Mozzarella Capresa!

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