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Plant Nanny Giveaway Winner!

Although I read through all of the comments to the giveaway, I knew the only fair way to pick a winner was to use to select the winning comment number.  Some of your responses to what kind of wine you enjoy cracked me up — and others I’ve added to my list “to try.”


This giveaway is no longer accepting entries.  I used to select the comment number of the winner, and the winner is:

Rebecca! (Who likes a Pinot Noir.)

Thanks to those who participated — I wish I could send plant nannies to all of you!


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Maria N Corrales

Rigged, I say! RIGGED!!!

P.S. You are inspiring with how well and often you are writing! I need to get back on the blog wagon. But not today. Today I design my business cards. And teach my first official yoga class! MISS YOU!!!


Congrats to Rebecca! :) I think I’m going to order myself some of these. I want my plants to be winos like me!

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