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Crafty McCrafterson

I have to admit — I’m feeling all kinds of inspired lately.

See, even though I didn’t get up early enough to polyurethane that desk on Saturday morning because I was sporting a massive red wine hangover headache induced by the aforementioned red wine and a couple of peer pressuring girlfriends (okay, they didn’t peer pressure me — I did it all on my own), I did have enough time to slap on a third coat of white paint before driving up to Raleigh to shoot my friend.

Again — that’s photographically speaking.

And now, since it’s too hot to polyurethane, I’ve been doing what any normal woman who doesn’t feel like she has enough time on her hands does:  I’ve been looking for more projects to not finish.

In fact, my Pinterest boards are chock-o-bock full of inspiration.

Remember when I told you about Pinterest?

From simple craft projects that make me smack my forehead and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” and I could probably do in a day if I’d just get the stuff, like this lazy susan made to look like a wine barrel (from Lil Blue Boo):

To slightly more involved projects like this mirror made from wood shims (from Addicted to Decorating):

To ideas for repurposing stuff I already have, like turning all of those cabinet doors still sitting around in the garage into chalk boards (because you can never have too many chalk boards, right?) like this one (from Life in the Fun Lane):

Or refinishing our old, hand-me-down bedroom furniture instead of buying new, like this dresser (again from Life in the Fun Lane):

To things I’d just be better off buying than making, like this linocut typewriter from Etsy:

Don’t worry — this isn’t about to turn into a full-on design or project blog, because let’s face it — there are obviously many people out there who already have them, are awesome at it, and… you know… actually do the projects instead of just pinning them to Pinterest.

BUT, I thought it was important to share these with you on this lovely Sunday morning to prove, if nothing else, that I often at least think about being productive.

And that counts for something, right?


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sigh. pinterest?

there you go again. as IF i needed one more thing to distract me. Last time i came over here, i ended up looking at office design websites for FOUR HOURS.

you’re such a beotch.


Dude. If you’d had Pinterest, maybe you would’ve only spent THREE hours looking at office designs, because you would’ve found them all in one place! Besides, procrastination is an art — I’m happy I’m not alone.


Why, thank you! I didn’t actually take any of the ones in this post — those were all collected — but I took the pics in the posts before and after this, so I’m just going to assume/hope you were talking about those. That, or my ability to collect awesome pictures. ;)

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