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Value is Subjective when it comes to Money, Time, and Peace of Mind(lessness).

I’m sitting here at my kitchen table, sipping a glass of wine, and realizing this is the first moment I’ve taken in quite some time to just relax.

Why am I at my kitchen table, when I have that beautiful new desk in my office?

Frankly, I’m too lazy to move my base camp — aka. the chaotic stacks of folders, reference books, rental listings, a wedding invitation, day planner, notebook, memory cards, and a packet called “Couponing in Camo: A Guide to Civilian and Military Couponing” from my here into my pristine new office work space.

I mean, look.

It’s clean. Untouched. Simple and uncluttered.  Aside from the glaring lack of accessories, it looks like it could be in a magazine.  A magazine that features beautiful, clean white desks on dirty old carpets.  I know that when I start to work in there, it won’t look like that ever, ever again.

What was that?

You’re wondering why I have a packet called “Couponing in Camo: A Guide to Civilian and Military Couponing” sitting on my kitchen table?

And you’re wondering if “couponing” is really a verb?  One that should be used not once, but twice inside a Domestiphobe’s home?

According to the rocket scientists at TLC and their “Extreme Couponing” show I hear so much about, it is a verb.  And apparently TLC viewers aren’t the only ones who know about it.

Well.  All I’m going to say to justify that packet’s existence on my own kitchen table is that the seminar was free.  And my shredder is in the office.  And my neighbor enticed me to go with the lure of free food of the hors d’oeuvres variety.

If there is one thing you should know about me, you should know my inherent weakness for finger foods.  Seriously, it’s like a curse.  It’s so bad, that I may or may not have snagged a meatball from the serving tray during the cocktail hour at the wedding I assisted photographing this weekend.  Fortunately, I believe the sole witness only speaks Spanish, so if word of the heinous act I may or may not have committed gets around, at least it will sound really, really beautiful.

Anyway.  I’m sure the packet is full of very useful information about this so-called “couponing,” most of which I would have heard had I not been busy stuffing my face full of homemade chicken wraps, guacamole, pasta salads, and some type of indescribable medley of sweetness, caramel, and grapes, of all things, that was so wholeheartedly unique and delicious, that I won’t stop harassing the military spouses in charge of the Family Readiness Group until they give up the secret.  It will be so bad that they’ll wish they’d never harassed me first.

Actually, the girl who taught the class was incredibly sweet, and anyone who stockpiles a year’s supply of food and toiletries for her family along with “overage” items she doesn’t even use, including about 30 cases of Maalox, 15 cases of KY Jelly, and other assorted donatable goodies by spending hours of her time compiling, organizing, and buying — yes, I said buying — coupons that end up saving her family literally hundreds of dollars a month, wins my respect.

And my confusion.

But mostly my respect.

This is not the girl who taught the seminar.  I believe this image was taken from the Extreme Couponing show.  America at its finest.  Represent.

Personally, I value my time, and I would rather spend those 8 hours a week (not including hours of shopping time) reading.  Writing.  Eating food I paid for in full.  Drinking wine.  Learning about photography.  Whispering sweet nothings to my pristine, white desk.

Basically doing anything but couponing.

It seems… excessive.

But that’s just me.  And maybe I’ll be sorry when the economy shuts down and I have to — you know — grow my food rather than survive on boxes of Hamburger Helper and Maalox.  I might be found huddled in a sad, dusty corner somewhere, begging for leftover cases of KY and licking my shiny fingers with greed.

I’m sure about a zillion extreme couponing bloggers and readers would agree.

How about you?


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I always have ambitions of couponing, but it never quite works out. My dad is a master couponer. If he didn’t work, he’d probably end up on the Extreme Couponing shows! Growing up, every Saturday morning, we would go on base, and then to all the surrounding stores around base, using different coupons from store to store. Eventually, we’d end up home, tired (and hungry – my dad refused to eat out!), with about 30 cans of refried beans, about a hundred packages of Crispy M&Ms that my dad had coupons for (buy one, get one free…along with another coupon for 50 cents off any M&M product, which meant that we could buy one M&M package for 50 cents, get another one free, and then use a 50 cents coupon to get the first one for free, leaving us with two packages of Crispy M&Ms with only paying tax)…. I have a couple dozen examples of this. He remembers these moments as the best bonding time of my childhood, and while I see that a little, I mostly remember these moments as wasting time buying food we didn’t even want… only because it was a good deal. But it makes for lots of fun stories :)

I am really good about couponing for clothing, though. When Victoria’s Secret sends out those free underwear coupons, I am on it! And I barely ever buy something while I’m in the store picking up my free panties… barely… :)


It’s funny… I almost feel like I know your dad, even though I’ve never met him. I have a feeling we probably wouldn’t get along. ;)

That is so funny though — at least the lady who taught the class only bought things she didn’t need so she could get overages (i.e. they actually gave her money for making certain purchases, with which she could buy the rest of her groceries for “free”). Then she donated the items she didn’t need to various military organizations. But MAN, the work! She had to get one coupon for each item, so if she bought like 5 cases that had 20 items each, she’d need 100 coupons!

Oh, and I’m all over the free VS panties too!


I want to save us money, but I JUST CAN’T get into couponing. The idea makes me crazy. Most coupons are for brands and products we don’t use. I have many other ways to spend my time, and would rather grow my food, if/when it comes to that.

I left a message for you on the particular post, but just in case you don’t look back that far, I want you to know that I mentioned and linked you and your hummus post on my blog today.


That’s the thing — sure it saves people a lot of money, but it’s SO time consuming! I just can’t see myself ever doing it to that extreme…

Thanks for the link! I’m commenting now. :)


I’ll use the occasional coupon, but like Rhome410, so much of that stuff is the processed cr@p I don’t use so there’s no point in spending actual time “couponing.” Those pics of their crazy couponing storage rooms slay me. In what universe would you ever need 45 cases of denture cream? And when they show the kids in the dumpsters grabbing Sunday paper ads – Ewww. I may embarass my kids on a fairly regular basis, but I have never sent them into a dumpster for coupons.


Ummm…. I think their medical bills when one of the kids gets stuck with a hepatitis-infected needle are going to be SO much worse than the money they save using coupons. Just sayin’.

blunt delivery

hahah. oh man. well as you know i got sucked in (a little) by extreme couponing. ironically, i never saw the show. cus, you know, i don’t have a real job and i can’t afford cable cus i’m living on a dream and a prayer.

anyway, stop distracting me. I literally spent an hour online downloading coupons, got a newspaper and saved 60 bucks my first time at the store. I mean, i can kinda see the addiction now. but yea, since then, i’ve gone back to my old ways and got sidetracked by 17 other hobbies


Haha, I never saw the show either (no cable over here for the same reason, except I recently sold out and got another crap job), yet I somehow still managed to write an entire post about the concept. Anyway. Saving $60 on one shopping trip is fan-frickin-tastic! If that happened to me, I’d be ecstatic. But knowing me, I’d end up with 40 toothbrushes and a week’s supply of Hamburger Helper — if I ate Hamburger Helper for 7 days straight.

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