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If This Were A Status Update on Facebook, You Would Have Blocked Me By Now.

Well, folks, it’s official.  At least by weather standards.  Fall is here.  And I can’t say I’m one of the people who’s totally thrilled about it.

As a self-professed naked-sympathizer, the season of fall and its subsequent winter complicates things for me.  It makes things… cold.  And while I certainly like the idea of crackling fires and mulled cider and staying warm and toasty while blistering winds blow past my house, the frightening reality is that I can’t hibernate just because it’s winter.  Cozy fireplace cuddlefests can only last so long, and then real things — annoying things — things like bills, and jobs, and people, and bills start calling and wondering why I haven’t paid them any attention for days, and I can’t hardly tell them that I’m afraid of the cold and hadn’t really planned on leaving my house until May of 2012.

People would look at me funny.

Well, funnier than they already do.

Fuzzy phone photo of said fireplace I might never want to leave, come winter.  The picture is from this post.  My, how far I’ve come since then.  I think.  I hope.  And I’m not just talking about my attitude — I’m talking about that green wall that has since turned… not green.  I still need to show you that, don’t I?

Assuming I still have this real estate assistant job throughout the winter (a job whose potential expiration date I’m forced to face on an almost-daily basis, thanks to the oh-so-kind reminders from Alpha and the Underdog), I’m going to have to face the cold more often than your average cubicle-goer.  After all, there are still photos to be taken.  Signs to be put in yards.  Lock boxes to be attached to door knobs.

Fun stuff, like that.

What?  You thought I had that awesome Green Tours job from Apartment Therapy?  Don’t worry — I still do.  But I neglected to mention that it’s just a freelance, very part-time position, meaning it’s fantastic for making connections and building a portfolio, but it won’t exactly stand on its own against all of those bills that keep calling to pull me away from the fireplace.

Not that I’m complaining!  Does it sound like I’m complaining?  Because I’m not.  I am beyond psyched.

But, wow.  This is turning into a really long and boring Facebook status update, no?  And that’s not the kind of quality content I want to bring you on this site.  I don’t want to talk about the weather — I want to bring you stuff you can actually apply to life, like explaining how you can ensure that your sh*t don’t stink and how to open a beer bottle with a paint key.

Useful stuff.

But since I have to head out into the chill to pay the bills, the quality stuff, unfortunately, will have to wait.

Thanks for all of that positive feedback on my job post!  You have no idea how much the fact that you actually take time out of your days to read my ramblings actually helps me get my act together.

And you know, it really is crazy how you can actually feel that rudder catch when your ship starts to turn.

Remember that ship?

If you feel like you’re heading for a crash and you don’t remember what I said about the ship, I think you should go back and read this post.

We all turn eventually.  We just have to give it time.


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I don’t like the cold either and I totally wish I could hibernate during the winter too. I’ve definitely got the ‘packing the food in to stock up’ process down pat. Don’t worry though… mid-80s are back next week so you can put reclusion off a little longer :)


Glad to know I’m not alone — and thanks for telling me things will get better again before they get worse! Gives me something to look forward to. :)


No, no, no! You’re looking at it all wrong. Cold & fall & winter means you don’t have to work so hard to keep your ass bikini ready. Skip the early morning drill sergeant workout. Go ahead and drink that handle of spiced rum. Eat the apple cider donuts. It means layers, which at the end of the day, means a much more fun striptease(provided you haven’t gone absolutely nuts with the donuts.) And everything looks better by the flickering light of a fire, anyway.


HA! Nice try… but now I’m just depressed because I worked to get my ass bikini ready, and I’m still not ready. Now it’ll be winter and I’ll pack layers on top of the layers I haven’t gotten rid of from last winter, and I’m pretty sure there is such thing as taking the layered look too far. ;)


Hey I’m not a fan of fall or winter either. Don’t you wish you could have ha the weather you had in Spain all year round ?


That would be nice! It’d be even nicer if I could just be IN Spain all year around. :)


oh girl. i get ya.

although i LOVE fall. it means inevitable winter. which i DO love. i love snow and coziness and fireplaces. but i HATE going out in it. I’m cold all the time anyway, ugh. and when i had my 9-5 getting up when it was dark was just, deplorable and depressing.

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