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They Say that Wisdom Comes with Age. I Hope That’s No Lie.

Well, it’s weird.

The earth has circled the sun exactly 29 times since the day I decided to grace all of you with my presence — not in the blog world, obviously, since I was old enough to remember my dad bringing home our very first Apple computer, complete with green screen and a joystick, of all the coolest things to get invented.

Next to jelly shoes and slap bracelets, of course.

It’s weird, because I don’t feel a day over 34.


I think it’s safe to say that I’m in a very different place from the one I was in at this same time last year.  Not just physically, since back then I was, as my dear friend Erin reminded me this morning, “sipping Imperials in grubby, worn-out flip-flops while sitting in an open-air restaurant that we had to walk 2 miles down a dirt road (and then scramble to somehow put together the 3 colones for the cab ride) to get to,” and tonight I’ll likely be sipping much-more-expensive mojitos with some fantastic girlfriends at a restaurant I drive to myself.

Morning view last year:

Morning view this year:

Sure, they both involve fog, but my, how times change.

Also, I’m different.

The quarter-life crisis (or maybe now it’s more accurately a third-life crisis) is still lurking, like a funky aftertaste or sticky morning mouth, but it’s less… potent.

And I think it’s because I’m finally starting to find my way.

Do you know that feeling, when you dive deep down into a murky lake, and somehow you become all discombobulated from turning and spinning and having a grand ol’ time, and then, out of nowhere, it gets scary because you realize you’re no longer sure which way is up?

Suddenly you’re terrified because there is a very real possibility that you’re swimming in the wrong direction, further away from the breathable clarity of the surface, until you find yourself face-planting into the sandy bottom.

Yep, I actually did that once.

But figuratively speaking, that’s me as well.  I’ve been face-planting for a while now, and it feels like maybe I’ve finally been able to gain some precarious footing and push off of the pliable sand.

I’m not sure where I’m going, but at least it’s somewhere.

And anywhere is better than hitting bottom.

I can already tell it’s going to be a good day, because I emerged from my steamy shower and padded into the kitchen to discover that Justin had left me this:

Coffee ready-to-go and a piece of bread in the toaster, just waiting to get crunchified and spread with peanut butter and jelly.

The perfect work morning breakfast.

And already I can see that the fog is starting to clear.


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Love this post, and I’m glad you’re finding the surface. :)

(PS: Thanks for the shout-out! I’m going to go ahead and assume that you want to have, like, a hundred of my babies.)

(PPS: I totally had PB & J for breakfast, too. Soul mates.)


No, I don’t want babies. THAT’s why we’re soul sistas. That, and the PB&J. ;)

(But if I were going to have babies, I’d definitely have yours.)

Damon Renner

Hi Katie,
I really enjoyed your piece! I’m probably the last you would expect to reply, but just wanted to offer a couple of comments from someone making the same rock climb (at 42 yrs old), but on the other canyon wall (well, I’m a man). Ok, so the analogy doesn’t carry too far, but here goes!

1) It is a cliche, but time is moving faster. My best high school friend’s daughter just turned 21 and has two children — I have been employed in the same job (USAF) for 3 years longer than she has been alive. Bottom line for me: I originally joined the AF to buy time to figure out what I wanted to do. Time kept passing and life around me kept happening; before long, my default plan became THE plan.

2) I don’t know if wisdom comes with age, but if true, it has come for me in the form of a little more patience…(and it’s about time!) I scored high in the “J” category (i.e., Judgmental) on my Briggs-Meyers personality test; it is good for me to know this, lest I begin holding others to a higher standard than I hold myself. Bottom line: I am (still) learning to cut people a little slack.

3) Where you stand depends on where you sit. I used to scoff at comments made by hardcore Harry Potter (‘Potheads’) and Twilight (‘Twi-hards’) fans about the impact these movies have on their lives today. Then…I ran across an old pic of me (circa 1978) sitting on my bed outfitted with ‘Star Wars’ bedsheets. I don’t make those comments anymore.

4) Finally, I try not to wax nostalgic for too long. While I sometimes miss the good ‘ole Reagan years, $.95 per gallon of gas (1987) and the bygone days of me with hair, it really is more fulfilling to keep looking ahead. Yes, I own laserdiscs…but I still have plans, dammit! I will finish my Master’s, hike to the summit of Pike’s Peak, learn how to work an iPad and become part of “the cloud”, and (more importantly), stay relevant in the people’s lives who mean the most to me. All this, knowing that the unexpected will happen along the way too…life is what happens when one is planning something else.

So let it be written and done.


I say what he said! Well said at that. Must be our mutual age :-)


1. I can especially relate to time moving faster. Which is maybe why I quit my job and started thinking about what I really wanted to do. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to have a support system *cough*Justin*cough* that allowed me to take time to discover. That’s STILL allowing me to take time to discover.

2. While I’ve never been extremely judgmental, I definitely have issues with patience. Something I’m constantly trying to work on.

3. “Potheads” and “Twi-hards” made me laugh out loud. And the Star Wars bit? My husband, all the way. :)

4. There’s definitely a difference between remembering the past and living in it — I think we could all benefit from learning a bit more to enjoy the present.

Thanks for sharing your lessons, Damon. If you weren’t still so young, I’d say that yes, wisdom definitely comes with age. ;) (P.S. We have to come see you guys next time we get out to CO!)

Damon Renner

And by the way, I hope you have a very Happy Birthday! (Do something fun!)


I did, and thank you!


Happy Birthday! Hope this year gets even better for you and you accomplish all your goals.

PS – did you make a map you could spare to the surface ? :P


Happy birthday! I hope you are able to find the surface and it’s even better than you hoped it would be!


Me too. Thanks, Kate! :)


I think that with age, you have to gain some wisdom, but it also becomes clearer just how much you don’t have yet. I’ve been feelin’ a little in the murkiness myself lately. I’m glad, though, that you’re hitting a brighter, clearer spot, and hope you have a great birthday!


“I think that with age, you have to gain some wisdom, but it also becomes clearer just how much you don’t have yet.” <– Well-said.

Hang in there, chica. We all hit some murky waters sometimes, but there's always a safe way out. I'm here if you ever need to vent. :)


Many happy returns! i hope your morning views are always as lovely


Thank you!! And you know what? They usually are. :)


Happy Birthday! Love that your hubs had breakfast at the ready. What a sweetheart! Glad to hear you’re coming out of the fog.


Yeah, he’s good like that. ;)

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