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Black Friday, Indeed.

Okay.  I’m back.

Now, maybe life can return to some semblance of normalcy (BOR-ing).

Or, maybe not.

It seems my days are filling up insanely fast, and for someone who’s not used to having any type of social calendar — or any type of calendar at all, I’m a little overwhelmed.

Some people are good at this.  When presented with large lists of to-dos and schedules and time frames, they immediately jump in — tackling the onslaught like taking a sledgehammer to a brick wall.

Others, like me, become paralyzed with indecision.

There are too many choices.  Where do I start?

My time is valuable, you know?  And I want to make the most of what I have.

Which is exactly why I opt out of Black Friday every year.


You heard me.

Black Friday.  That horrendous day that used to be reserved solely for nursing tryptophan hangovers and detoxing the cranberry sauce from our systems and reflecting on the thanks we gave yesterday for all of the things we’re fortunate to have has somehow, via very deliberate media and marketing ploys, turned into a day of dragging our food-filled butts out of bed in the middle of the night to stand in line and then fight with perfect strangers over all of the things we still want.


Makes perfect sense.

Of course, if you’re a Black Friday fanatic, I’m not going to change your mind.  You’ve heard it all before — it’s turned into a high-stress, competitive day of finagling and bargaining and deal-gettin’, the likes of which you only witness en masse but once per year, and you love it.

And there’s no way I’m going to convince you otherwise.


For me, at least, beyond the traffic and the frenzy and the gimme gimme attitude, there’s a bigger reason why I opt out of Black Friday.

The deals aren’t worth it.

At least not for me.

And probably my definition of “cost” is different than your definition of “cost.”

What??  I could save 40% off a flat screen television?

Don’t care.

And 25% off a new washer and dryer?


And if I buy one Magic Bullet with the complete accessory kit, they’ll throw in another identical bullet plus the kind that makes baby food in baby-sized portions for free?


You see, it all comes down to what you perceive as a deal.

Bu– but– a deal is a DEAL, you say?

Not so much.

What if I did need a new dryer?  What if I really could save $200 off the ticket price if I woke up at 2 a.m., stood outside in the cold for 2 hours in a squishy line of tense people, rushed mob-style through the department store doors, dodging angry women with flying purses and pepper spray and competitive adrenaline, jumping over the bodies of those too weak to handle the pressure, pushing slow-moving children and the elderly out of my way like some maniacal greed-driven beast, jumping through the air and splaying my body across the last dryer in the store because it’s MINE, all MINE — and get-back-you-bitch-because-I-WILL-bite-you, and finally — finally — I get home with my new dryer.

And get this:  it only cost me $400, 6 hours of sleep, the flu from standing with germy people outside in the cold, 2 years off of my life from the stress of the ordeal, and, oh yeah, my dignity.

But at least I saved $200.

See my point?



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Couldn’t agree with you more. (New subscriber here :) I, too, see the Black Friday mayhem as not worth it. Plus, equally good deals can be had on Dec. 26. And in January when all the new stock comes in. Saving money is only so important…I’d rather have time and health and only save $100 off that dryer later. ;)


Welcome, Amanda! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond — I’ve been having technical difficulties and am only just now getting a chance to reply to comments. And you’re right — I’ll probably save my wheelin’ and dealin’ until after Christmas. Though I still might be too hermit-like to venture out on the 26th!


Dude, don’t get me started. All the crap that people don’t need but want because a commercial or their jackhole neighbor or OCD co-worker told them they SHOULD need it has somehow become more important than simply spending time with the people we love and showing them we care via our presence. Seriously, if anyone close to you needs to have a purchased item to show that you really care about them, they should immediately be made to stand naked in a major metropolitan area with that item held in their hands over their head and a sign around their neck that says “THIS IS WHAT GETS MY JUNK TINGLY”. There is so much about society that has become all about getting everything we never needed but believe we can’t live without that if we were to instantly return to an agrarian world and lifestyle, the population would drop by 60% not long after the last superstore was emptied.


It’s crazy, but true. Although I won’t begrudge anyone else who thrives on a bargain — I just don’t happen to be one of those people.

Solitary Diner

We thankfully don’t have Black Friday here in Canada, but I hate any day that is devoted to a frenzy of shopping (like Boxing Day). If you’re looking to add a bit of self righteousness to your avoidance of Black Friday, there’s actually a group that runs a “Buy Nothing Day” campaign that you can join.


What?? A whole day without buying anything? Can’t be done. ;)


Lmao! I totally agree it is over done and crazy. I do do it and only have since having children. We, my sis n law and I, dont do the waiting in line. We shop while all the crazies are bleeding over the tv’s and $2 dvds! We spend the night laughing at the crazies cuz eventually we will get “that” item cuz some idiot who stood in line, caught the flu and got a black eye…put the item down in some random place because it was still too exspensive :0) Teeeeheee


Haha, I guess you’re right! It’s probably easier to shop during normal daylight hours on Black Friday since everyone else got up at 2!

Jeannine Bruner

Totally agree with you!!! I generally never get to participate anyways since the husband works in retail & has worked every black Friday we have been together. This year, he was off. 13 years in retail, and he was OFF. What does he decide to do?? Yep. Go stand in line with my dad for a laptop & a TV. (granted, both were needed items. My parent’s were still rockin’ the Dell that I bought in college, circa 1999- try skyping on that!) Me?? The very thought of BF makes me want to take a Xanax and crawl back in bed. Crowds & I do not get along. I usually celebrate by having a mommy movie night & a bottle of wine.


HA! It totally cracks me up that your husband had the night off and still spent his evening in a retail store. Classic. :) But wine and movies? Sounds like the perfect night to me!


Well, you know what our family does on Black Friday, just sayin’…after working retail for several years, it is a miracle I shop at all during the holidays. I do enjoy shopping, but have posted about the Buy Nothing day, as well as trying to steer folks to buy local/fair trade for at least a portion of their list. The so-called bargains are not worth the aggravation at all.

Kat Richter

Haha, I ws just about to say “All the more reason to drinks martinis!”


I agree. And yes, maybe it’s working retail that has made me bitter about the whole ordeal. Once you’ve been on the other side of those lines and have cleaned up blood from the aisles, it just doesn’t seem so glamorous. ;)


Go ahead and fling the tomatoes, but I love Black Friday. I plan the evening with maps and hit each store with Navy Seal like precision. If you’re only saving $200 off a $600 tv, you’re not doing it right.

The hubs and I had dinner with the fam, then headed out to Target with large mugs of coffee and Kahlua. We parked our camp chairs 5th and 6th in line. Target opened at midnight. At 8:30, the Target manager came out and handed out Luna bars to the crowd. Knowing that I had a handful of items on my list from Walmart, which started at 10, I announced to the crowd that I needed to pee at 9. 20 minutes later I announced that I really needed to pee. 20 minutes later, I was dancing and announced that I was leaving to find a clean bathroom(the men had been running to the corner gas station.) I ran up the street to Walmart, peed(no lying,) grabbed my stuff, paid, and was back in line at Target in no time. My Walmart receipt is stamped 22:01:49. That’s right it took me less than 2 minutes to get in, grab a leather office chair, 2 memory foam mattress pads, and some other stuff with no cart, and pay for them.

It took us less than 15 minutes to be in and out of Target, we also hit GameStop, and Express, before heading back to the in-laws. I did my Kohls and Barnes & Noble shopping online, and was in bed by 2:30. During the wait time at Target, I knit a pair of fingerless gloves for a gift for a friend’s daughter.

The kids gifts are all wrapped and I’m done. Yes the 1080p 46″ LCD tv they were selling for $298 was made in China, but I don’t know of an american made tv, or iPod(gift for teen,) or other major electronic device on my kids’ wish lists.

I buy local all the time. I shop farmer’s markets and frequent local shops throughout the year, but my boys would be less than thrilled with an alpaca wool sweater or handmade jewelry under the tree. Just sayin’.


Haha, no tomato flinging here! If you’re cut out for it, then by all means, DO it! I just don’t have it in me. Now. If I could pay someone else to do the research and actual shopping for me and still save enough money to justify it all, I’d be in. But my personality just can’t handle the frenzy!

That said, it sounds like you walked away with some pretty amazing deals! And, more importantly, no mace in your face. :)


1. i’m back too.

2. and i missed you. like, lots

3. um, i’m with ya on the black friday thing. oh really 25%? good luck getting me to leave my slippers for anything less than 50%.

4. i’m a total sale snob


1. YAY! Now. Where are your posts? :)

2. Ditto

3. Probably there are better deals than that. I’m just too lazy to look.

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