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Just This Once, Happy To Be Wrong.

Almost six years ago, short only by a month, a boy met a girl.

The boy was scruffy.  Bachelorized.  Severely lacking in the skills of courtship that, if harnessed and properly utilized, could so effortlessly turn “like” into “love.”

He was one of my best friends.

The girl was striking.  Confident.  Recently heartbroken over someone whose name never deserved the ink in her journal, yet strong-willed enough to know that Life has a way of working things out.

She was my cousin.

She still is, I know, so I’m not sure why I’m writing in the past-tense, except maybe because now she — and they — are so much more.

It was at my wedding.  June 2nd, 2006.  My cousin called him the “Red Tie Guy.”

Love at first sight?

Because, you know, that’s what he was wearing.

I like making matches.

I’m not going to lie.

But when he showed up at my bachelorette party just a few days prior (because he’s that good of a friend), Scott asked if there would be any single girls he hadn’t yet met at the wedding.

Because who wouldn’t want to date a guy who goes to bachelorette parties?

And I may have said, “Well… there’s my cousin…”

His blue eyes looked hopeful.

“But she’s too good for you.”

Kicked puppy.


I winked.  He laughed.  But really, it turns out, I was just tempting fate.

Yep, not just one, but TWO guys celebrating the sistahood.  The one on the right has no idea his bachelor days are numbered.

At my wedding they met.  After that they kissed.  Then they dated.

They carried out a long-distance relationship for a seemingly unreasonable amount of time, but they were in love.

Self-portrait by Leah B Photography.

These things happen.

Now, so many years later — so many experiences later — my perpetual bachelor friend has passed me by.

He looks different.

The whole world looks different.

Photo by Leah B Photography.

Now he has a new bachelorette to worry about.

And the thing is, I always knew Leah would make a wonderful mother.

But it turns out, Scottie B., that I’m pretty sure you will not be anything less than an exceptional father.

So listen closely, because I’m only going to say this once:


I was wrong.


You’re not not good enough for my cousin.

You — the two of you — and now the three — are completely,



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Yes, every now and then I have it in me. ;)

I’ve missed you!


Beautiful post! You have such a wonderful way with words.

I’m glad your site is taking subscriptions today. Wouldn’t want to miss any of your musings~


Why thank you!


I think I’m now officially resubscribed? Anyway, I’m jealous as I have tried unsuccessfully to play matchmaker and have no wins to show for it! Good job ;)


Well considering I told him he wasn’t good enough, I’m not sure I can take much credit for the match… But what the hey — I will anyway. ;)


That was great. What a lovely post. Made me all warm and fuzzy inside. :)


Awww, thanks Maria!


Tearing up reading this again. Thank you. ;)


You’re welcome, cousin. :) I can’t wait to meet her!

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