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See? I Have Proof.

Last week I posted photos of our back shed and proclaimed to all the internet (or maybe 1/1,000,000,000 of the internet) that my husband is a hoarder.  Really, the post was intended to be a giant metaphor for how far I’ve come in accepting the fact that the person I live with is human and that it’s possible to find ways to form our habits so they complement each other, rather than fight each other.  And… okay… maybe a little bit to call him a hoarder.

So all I would like to say to those of you (beloved readers) who defended Justin in the comments section, claiming his hoarding issues aren’t true hoarding, for shame.

I know you probably did it because he’s hot.

And he is.

But that does not negate the fact that he cannot throw anything away.  That shed was an unfair example because I’d already taken half of the mess out before snapping the photo.


You need further evidence?

I’ll give you further evidence.


Domestiphobia Garage

This is what I originally set out to clean.

See that flower pot on the right side, near the garage door?

I’d intended to move that and a few other select gardening tools out to the shed and then get back to this particular mess.

Let me break it down for you: The old ceiling fan from our bedroom, a broken tool organizer that our neighbor was going to throw away (it is currently still broken and holds zero tools), 2 televisions, a wood pallet, bags of mulch and garden soil, 5,287 empty cardboard boxes (those might be my fault), worn, crusted gym clothes, old doors, cement board, laminate flooring, wood scraps, shoe molding, trash, trash and more trash, and billions of DIY home supplies.

In a nutshell.

Yep, this is the very same garage I’d started to clean out last year.

I had.

But then this happened.

And this.

Domestiphobia Bedroom

And so the garage turned back into a veritable dumping ground for everything we couldn’t deal with — physically and, apparently, emotionally.


Who isn’t a hoarder?

Because I’m pretty sure it’s not this guy:


(By the way, I feel like I should mention that Justin added a dead bolt to our front door, hung crown molding in the kitchen, and switched out an outlet that had been driving me crazy this weekend.  I’m pretty sure the fact that he had a clean shed, courtesy of moi, was the underlying motivation.  It just makes sense that I should get credit for all things awesome.  Mwahahaha.)

(Yes.  I am one lucky girl.)


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Oh, for heaven’s sake. This is the pic that will convince us he’s a hoarder? You can still fit a CAR in that garage! You are so young…


Only because the garage is like 8 ft. extra deep. If that were a normal sized garage, there’s no way a car would fit. ;)

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