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It’s A Dirty Job, So Probably Someone Else Should Do It.

Yesterday I got home from work and my lawn was mowed.

Obviously, I didn’t mow it.  That’s not my job.

And Justin didn’t mow it, since I’m pretty sure his superiors in Afghanistan would consider that an excessively long lunch break.

So it must have been the scrawny, bronze tanned stoner kid I hired to do it but was fairly convinced would forget, what with all of the bong-hitting hours between the time I hired him and the time he was scheduled to mow.

What he did forget, apparently, is the fact that I showed him, told him, and texted him to be careful about not cutting the dogs’ electric fence.

Yes, I electrocute my own dogs.

But it’s only because I love them.

Running Dogs

Wouldn’t you love faces like these?


So I came home yesterday to fresh-cut grass and the incessant beep of the dog detainment system, indicating a cut wire.

Not surprising.

Also, I can’t find where the wire is apparently cut, since most of it is buried.

Also not surprising.

So now I feel like the helpless girl who can’t figure out how to fix a damn fence.

This is surprising.

Because normally, given enough time, I can figure things out.  I can get ‘er done.  But this time, I’m stumped.  And frustrated.  And for someone who owns canines whose progressive learning capabilities closely resemble those of the Jurassic Park velociraptors, we could be in trouble when they realize their collars no longer beep.


As satisfying as it is to do things on my own, to get my hands a little dirty, to experience the stiffness and stench after a day of manual labor, I realize.

Sometimes I just want someone to do it for me.

I think I could be happy if my hands and my office always looked like this. As long as someone else is mowing my lawn.

I know they say that money can’t buy you happiness, but I think having enough money to pay people to do stuff for me would, in fact, make me very happy indeed.

At least in the sense of immediate gratification.

And there’s nothing, as far as I can tell, wrong with immediate gratification.  Like a handful of Reece’s Pieces and an angst-filled episode of Dawson’s Creek.  Or a cool glass of Riesling and a book on the back deck.  Or a morning jaunt with some literotica and my vibrator.


Just seeing if you’re still paying attention.

My point is that satisfaction earned is not necessarily better than satisfaction bought.  That, in this life, some ventures are worth our time and others are not.

It’s a first-world privilege, and I’m willing to accept it.


Who do I call to fix a fence?


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Oh man! That sucks :( But I agree: sometimes its okay to call in a professional (and if you can PAY for said professional yourself, well that’s almost as good as being able to do it yourself in the first place). I spent an hour and a half on the phone with the IRS earlier this week because I attempted to file my own taxes this year… mind you, the discrepancy in question was a whopping $69! I think next time I’m just gonna call someone… and not the IRS, but someone to do my taxes for me. Good luck getting your fence fixed!


Haha, I did our taxes myself this year and I’m still waiting for the axe to fall on that one… ;)


I’d call the guy who cut it and make him fix it!


Yeah, good luck getting that one to answer his phone. :)

Bex Hall

Here’s a link to a guy who fixed his fence himself for under $20:

IF you’re into ohmeters and RF this and that and stuff from Radio Shack involving an AM transistor radio…

Here’s what we did in lieu of all that – replaced the invisible fence (buried) with a wireless transmitted one that works just as good as the old one. $100 used from Craigslist. Only one collar, but Petsafe sells extras.

Works like a charm!


Why thank you! I know my husband has managed to fix it before, so I figured I could do that, but the problem was finding where it was broken! Most of it is buried – it turns out there’s some exposed wire on the outside of the fence, and that’s where he got it. My neighbor found and fixed it for me! In the next house, I will definitely be looking at those wireless fences.


Heck yeah. You shouldn’t feel bad about that at all. The person you hire will know what they are doing. They probably won’t get electrocuted. And it’s their job. You are giving them work. By doing so, you are helping the economy.

When we moved last week, for the first time in my life there were movers involved. It was wonderful. And you know what? Part of the reason I go to work is so that I can afford to hire people to do things when I know they will do better than I can. That’s why experts exist.


Excellent point. Sometimes hiring someone just eases unnecessary stress. :)


You just reminded me I have Reeses Cups hiding in my nightstand… So I’m easy to distract today. Comes after a couple weeks of mothering a 52-yr old male with a broken shoulder and childlike coping skills. ;-)

I’m glad your fence is fixed!


Ha! Oh, nooo! I’m so sorry I haven’t had time to catch up on your blog for a while — I’ve been trying to re-vamp mine. Wow, like you totally needed one more thing to deal with!!

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