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When You Think About It, It’s Really Just My Age. Times Two.

Birthdays are strange in the sense that as we get older, is seems like we have so many so often that they start to lose their luster.

No longer do they represent a special day where people lavish us with gifts for something over which we never had any control — being born.  Instead, they represent aging.  Deterioration.  They turn from something to celebrate into something to dread.

It’s the birthday curdle.

And it’s a terrible thing.

Or at least, it is if you let it.

But then there are some people who make us think maybe it’s not so bad, this getting older.  We become wiser.  More experienced.  Less likely to be shocked by Life’s worst surprises.

These people age with grace.


And sometimes, when they let go of composure and ailments and heartache and stress — sometimes, their youth can surprise us all.

Denver Chalk Art Festival 2012

Happy 60th, mama.

Thanks for everything you’ve shared over the years — your spirit, your generosity, and your encouragement.

Oh, and that one time, your vagina.

(Also, you don’t look a day over 42.)  ;)


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Aw! If we’re lucky, reaching 60 is something we’ll all face sooner or later – you later, me sooner!


Well said. :)


awww gees. whelp you know how i feel about birthdays by now. ick.
whats worse is people who LOVE them.

But what I hate even more than my bdays is my parents bday…. can’t handle them getting older… but my mom, like yours looks amazing for her age (65) but, eh, still hate it.


I don’t love or hate ’em… just… indifferent. :)

And yeah, parents’ bdays are hard. Especially when you haven’t seen them in a couple years and all of a sudden it’s like, whoa! What’s happening? You’re getting older?!


“when they let go of composure and ailments and heartache and stress”

Easier said than done! But I tell my kids that no matter their birthday age, most adults are all like 20-25 inside, and just shocked when mirrors say different!


I have to agree — especially with that last part. The last time I saw my brother (who’s 41), he said, “You know, I remember our parents being this age and thinking, damn! They’re old! But now I’m this age and I’m not old at all. Why is that?”

I thought that was perfect. :)

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