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Get Your Filthy Paws off my Silky Drawers!

Since remodeling our kitchen, I have decided that drawer bases (aka. base cabinets with drawers instead of doors and/or pull-outs) are the best. thing. ever.

I can now store my empty food storage containers with the lids on.

Kitchen Drawer Tupperware Organization

Now that I’m embracing this whole domesticity thing, you have no idea how much pleasure this gives me.  It gives me the kind of pleasure that used to require a battery.  And I’m not talking about a dust buster.

I no longer have to pull heavy plates down from the wall cabinets over my head.

Kitchen Drawer Dinnerware Organization

My utensils, plastic wrap and storage bags?  All conveniently near the food storage containers, dinnerware, and refrigerator.

Kitchen Drawer Utensil Organization

And I no longer need to crawl inside my cabinets to reach my baking dishes, pots, pans or their matching lids!

Kitchen Drawer Bakeware Organization
Kitchen Drawer Pots and Pans Organization
Kitchen Drawer Pots and Pans Organization

Finally… finally… no need to lift the spices one-by-one to read the labels.

Kitchen Drawer Spice Organization

And the cooking utensils aren’t collecting dust in a container on the counter!

Kitchen Drawer Cooking Utensil Organization

There’s an added bonus, you say?  Maybe one of the best parts I’ve discovered about these huge storage drawers is that they really don’t require expensive interior dividers.  All it took was some cheap cabinet liner from the dollar store, and viola!  Instant organization.  The plates don’t slide around, and the spices don’t roll and spill throughout the drawer.

Who knew this could make me so happy?

Looks like I might need a little travel adventure to put things back into perspective…


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Penny Mannel

Do you know of a good web site where we can order good interior door hardware – cheap?


Honestly? We bought ours at Lowe’s. And they weren’t cheap. In fact, I couldn’t believe how quickly new door hardware adds up! Especially if you need to buy matching hinges as well. If I had it to do over again, I’d try Ebay. Just do a search for the knobs in the finish you’re looking for (brushed nickel? oil rubbed bronze?) and make sure to check the seller’s feedback. Good luck!


I think I’m a little late to the party on this one but I just came across this post and WOWWWW those drawers are so cool and organized! I love pyrex!!! Can you come over and sort out my kitchen, please? I’m only in Jersey… not too far I don’t think haha


I realize this makes me a bit of a freak, but my kitchen is like the ONLY organized place in my house. Well that, and now my master closet. You should see the garage… *shudder*

And darn — just went through Jersey a few months ago! ;)

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