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Drawer Storage Turns Me On

I can’t help it.

This just makes me happy.

Knife Drawer

It just looks like a normal drawer, right?


Because the inside has this:

Knife Drawer

I could’ve gotten the bamboo one at a substantially higher price, but I’ve already bragged about the fact that I didn’t spend much on drawer organizers, so why start now?

It’s expandable, so it fits drawers anywhere from 12″ to 24″ wide.

It even holds the big guns:

Knife Drawer

And the BEST part is that it keeps them from getting dusty in a huge knife block on my counter.

Have I told you about my weird, anal aversion to dust?

I have virtually zero knick-knacks because they attract dust.

Is that crazy?


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Hi, nice drawer! I am a cook and I collect old chef’s knives and I have a ton of them. Your system would work perfectly for me. May I ask where you found the racks or did you make them yourself?



I definitely did not make that knife system. :) I originally bought it from, but it looks like they no longer carry it. It’s called “Expand-a-drawer” knife organizer, but unfortunately it looks like it’s been discontinued. Maybe you could find it on Ebay…?

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