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Showing Our Appreciation… Government-Style

I received an interesting piece of mail a couple of days ago.  Interesting, because it wasn’t a bill.  Interesting, because it wasn’t a solicitation.  Interesting, because it was an actual letter.

Okay, so it wasn’t hand-written and is definitely mass-produced, but it was addressed to me by name – not “To Whom it May Concern” or “Current Resident”.

By today’s standards, that makes it a very interesting piece of mail indeed.

It was also interesting because it informed me of a holiday of which I’d previously been unaware – not even after 3 years of being married to an Airman, and not after nearly 7 years of living with one.

Did anyone else know there was a Military Spouse Day??

According to this letter, there is.  The Friday before Mother’s day.  Today.

It’s a little… over-the-top complimentary, that’s for sure.  Most military spouses I’ve met don’t “silently shoulder their responsibilities” – the key word being silent.  We do our fair share of complaining.  It’s therapeutic.  Don’t judge.  That said, the men and women I know who stay home and take care of things while their spouse is deployed, move from state to state and country to country at the whim of the government,  change jobs or careers to support their spouses’ choice of service… they are the most self-sufficient, loyal, and selfless people I know.

So thank you, Mr. Government Man, for sending us this letter.  It feels nice to have a Day.

And thank you, military spouses.  Life isn’t easy for those who deploy, but it can be just as difficult for those left behind.


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Tammy Hebert

Amen sister. It is hard to be left behind- all the time :) But we muddle through don’t we. I think it is hardest on the kids and I have 4 who would agree.


Tammy, I seriously don’t know how you do it. It’s hard enough for me to take care of the dogs while he’s gone (which, lucky for me, isn’t very often). I think you’re made of something stronger than the average person. :)

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