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Poll Update

If you haven’t voted in my “Choose My Own Adventure” poll yet, it’s not too late. 

You can choose whether I should take a carpentry class… 

How to Install Door Trim


…or learn how to mountain climb… 

Photo by: Leah B Photography (click photo for link)


…among other things. 

Since I included an option where people could type in a unique adventure, I thought I’d share with you the options some people thought I should do: 

  • “Write a book.”
    Okay, just give me a plot and I’ll work on that.
  • “All of the above!”
    That is a distinct possibility.
  • “Find Matt a girlfriend from afar.”
    Anyone interested?  Matt is one of the hubs’ best friends and really great guy.
  • “Go mountain climbing in Colorado.”
    Tell you what.  If I take a mountain climbing course, I just may do this.  I have people there.
  • “Learn to speak German, so when you move to Germany, you can be my fluent guide!”
    I would love to move to Germany, and I already know a little bit of the language!  Ich mochte kartoffelsalat, bitte.
  • “Stripper pole class!  Do it for Justin!!!”
    Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m already living here for Justin.  Isn’t that enough?  Although, our anniversary is coming up…

So there you have it.  There are some good suggestions in there, but I get the feeling that some of you might have some selfish motives.  Let’s not forget that this is all about ME.  :) 

I’ll admit I’m a little disappointed only one person (so far) thinks I should move to Hawaii. 

See how happy it makes me?? 

Photo by: Leah B Photography (click photo for link)


 Now go vote!


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Wow….so much for anonymity huh? ;)


Well it would’ve been anonomous if you hadn’t included your own name in the suggestion. ;)

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