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These Shoes Weren’t Made for Matchin’

This morning I almost left the house wearing two different shoes.

No joke.

After playing hookie yesterday, my sluggish mind was apparently confused about why I was going back to work after only one day off, and it decided to play a little prank.

Luckily I heard the weather report just before heading out the door – cream-laden coffee in one hand, peanut butter and jelly toast in the other.  Today it’s going to be “oppressively hot and humid.”  Oppressively.  My black pants had to go.

I scrambled back into my closet to grab a skirt (when it’s this hot and humid, I do what I can to aerate), and it wasn’t until I went to slip my sandals back on that I noticed they were different.


I immediately realized 2 things:

1.  I need to start weaning myself off of my caffeine addiction.  When I can’t even manage to put on matching shoes before I’ve had my daily dose, we have a problem.

2.  Maybe I’m just not cut out for this 9-5 business.

Anyone want to take on an apprentice in a specialty trade?  I’m good at sales, decent at writing, I’m creative, I know how to fix watches, and I can type like a million words a minute.

Just don’t ask me to wear matching shoes.

*It has been brought to my attention that it’s been awhile since I’ve updated you on Alaina’s kitchen.  I will try to have something for you by tonight – if you’re interested in finding a unique flooring product, don’t miss this one! In the meantime, you can read about demolishing her kitchen here, behind-the-scenes action here, the countertop selection here, and a progress check here.


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Steve C

This is why I have two types of shoes! Black and brown. Same style, same brand. I’ve been known to show up to the office in a dark navy blue suit with black shoes. Or a black suit with brown shoes. I’ve even showed up with the opposite suit pants and blazer (same color at least) to the office. Thank goodness for a good assistant who points it out to me (with a snicker of course) so I can drive home and correct my error.
I just wish Austin Reed made Geranimal (remember those?) suits. I could match the Zebra suit with the Zebra shoes and the Zebra shirt and the Zebra tie…


Haha, yes maybe if everything we wore just had a crazy bold pattern, we wouldn’t have to worry about mismatching. I think everyone should just go back to wearing those old Bazooka pants. And they should be acceptable for the office.

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