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Cheeseburger in Paradise

After over a week and a half of nonstop Noah’s Ark-style rain, the sun finally came out to play over the weekend, and Katie and I were hellbent on soaking up every single second of it.

Our original gameplan was to take off to the beach since we hadn’t yet been despite the fact that we’ve lived here for over a month.  (And, yes, we’re well aware of how pathetic that is.  Thank you.)  However, our ride fell through at the last minute leaving us high and dry without anything to do on a beautiful Saturday, so, naturally, we decided to horn in on the guys’ plans.

Remember these knuckleheads?

Homesick for some authentic American grub, Aaron, JJ and Matt had done some internet sleuthing and found a Tex-Mex restaurant located a few towns over.  Their plan was to spend the afternoon there watching college football, talking smack, giving each other noogies and whatever else guys do when chicks aren’t around.

Fortunately, they let us tag along and after an easy 45-minute drive through scenic countryside to the town of Tilaran, we found ourselves at 5 Corners Grill, a beachy little gem of a restaurant situated on a hill overlooking sprawling Lake Arenal.  Once there, we proceeded to spend the next six hours gorging ourselves on burgers and beer and hanging out with Jason and Cindy, the amazingly cool Austin, TX, couple who owns the joint.

A candid shot of Jason.  Cindy was wily enough to dodge me.

Despite having been open for less than a year, 5 Corners has a comfortable, well-established quality and loyal following of friendly regulars, many of whom are ex-pats themselves.  From the open-air patio bar with live trees growing right through the floor…

…to the Chicken Shit Bingo (which is exactly what you’re imagining it is) board and live scorpion on display in the breezeway…

I assume they put this down your pants and make you dance around for 10 minutes if you try to leave without paying.

…to the small garden and chicken coop located out back and assortment of squirmy, wiggly, disgustingly cute puppies of varying sizes and shapes milling about the premises, there is no shortage of interests to hold your attention.

Don’t get us wrong–Katie and I have been thoroughly enjoying the Costa Rican experience, but we had to admit that the smattering of Longhorns and Dallas Cowboys paraphernalia decorating the windows and good ol’ fashioned burger and fries were a pleasantly familiar taste of home sweet home.

This burger made my toes curl.  Don’t even ask what the bananas foster for dessert did to me.

By the end of the day, we were a few colones lighter, a few pounds heavier, and a few anecdotes richer (stay tuned, more on that tomorrow).

For anyone who happens to be passing through Tilaran or visiting the Lake Arenal area, I highly–highly–recommend this place.  No need to even thank me.

Just ship me a burger.




Hi Erin,
We were in Punteranus (spelling) when we were there for a day (cruise ship port), and we loved it. But I’ve heard that Lake Arenal is one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica. So glad you and Katie got to see it!


I’ll bet the cruise was amazing. Katie and I left the restaurant at one point to check out Lake Arenal and it really is spectacular… We’ll have pics up tomorrow!


My two favorite things here… 25% of Katieface in the boys’ photo and the “oink” sticker on the table underneath the 1/2 eaten burger plate:) Sorry I missed it:(


Haha! Yeah the boys’ picture was definitely taken at the end of the night. And the “oink” sticker was right-on – I had finished my entire burger before Erin was done with half of hers. It was GOOD.


Sounds like a great day I have traveled for a while as well and agree while you may be having a great time a touch of home really recharges the batteries.

As requested I wont asked how you felt about the banana foster…. but i am curious.. Did you have eat it in private room ? ….. lol :P

Looking forward to seeing the pictures have a great night.

Wishing you success and all the best days ahead


Haha, I probably should’ve eaten it in a private room. It probably would’ve made the other patrons more comfortable.

Thanks for all the words of encouragement… Don’t be a stranger! :)

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